Sunday, September 09, 2012

Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Playset

We love it! There is so much to do and it even travels easily. Goddess took it with her to my girlfriends the other day to show her daughter and lost none of the pieces. Each piece has a suction cup that kept it attached to the unit which made bringing all the pieces home again that much easier. We didn't lose so much as a cup!

This week were were able to review the Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Playset. It was the perfect way for Goddess to end her first day back to school. A package from Mom Central is always appreciated!  Goddess loves animals and was so excited to put this playset together. She needed no help from me opening the box or putting it together and when I finally walked over to the table she was playing with both playsets.


The 411 by Maria & Goddess

This is the perfect gift for little girls who love Polly Pockets. Goddess' favorite toys are any and all animals. She is gaga crazy about anything featuring an animal. 

I love that the playset is affordable and has so many surprises inside. There is so much to do. Polly can give a pet a bath, feed them, showcase them in a little pet merry-go-round! We are both deeply in love with the 3 sleeping kitten and how Polly can stand up bathing the pet with her feet anchored to the ground. This is seriously a cute gift and if you are thinking early Christmas gifts, this should be one of them!

The girl colors are fun and as someone who still likes playing with toys, I can tell you this is fun. Goddess and I have it on her bedroom table so we can play with it anytime we have time together.

Goddess:  (as quoted by my 7 year old)
I like the kittens and the animals. All of the animals. They are all my favorite. 

My favorite part is the little trap door that drops the pet down and the slide for Polly to ride. This has an elevator like the first one so I guess elevators are big.  I have a ton of Pollys and they all can be used in this. I thought I was ready to give my Pollys away but now I really love playing with them.

I like this playset better than the first one I reviewed because of the animals. We also think the paw print cut outs are adorable.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

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