Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Lovers, Looking For Something New To Read?

Know someone who loves to read?
If you or someone you know loves Romance books, have I got the perfect gift idea.

How about a personalized, one-of-a-kind book?  With YourNovel.Com, you create the book you want. Now, that is exciting.

YourNovel.Com offered me the opportunity to review a book.

I headed to the site, selected my fantasy location which includes:
  • Beach/Cruises
  • Exotic
  • Mountains/Outdoors
  • Mystery/Offbeat
Choose whether you want wild or mild. I, of course went with wild.

Complete the questionnaire which asks for 26 details about the couple like names, eye and hair color, best friends' names, type of car, hometown, the cute pet names, how long they've been a couple, and favorite music.

Complete the dedication page that lets you include a special greeting to commemorate the occasion. can also put the starring couple on the Cover of the Book.

The book I selected was Jamaica Rendezous: A Couples Ocho Rios Romance. Which had the Teach and I enjoying a lovely, much needed vacation, snorkling, eating, swimming and making love at an all inclusive  Couples Resort.  I loved it. There were 168 pages of my man and I enjoying each other as we took in the beautiful surrounding location. A hidden treasure found while snorkling gives the story an added touch. I loved it. While there were things my husband would never say, it was so fun to read. 

Very romantic, different and fun.

I know Valentines Day is a few months away, but this is really a beautiful, loving gift. That would be great for anniversaries, wedding or shower gift and birthdays too.

Next up, Maria and Teach head to Cold Feet/Warm Heart where we will enjoy a trip to a ski resort.

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