Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sid The Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone Makes Us Smile


What I Can Tell You:
Thanks to Jim Henson Company and Hasbro, my kids were able to check out the new Gotta Know Microphone from the Sid the Science Kid. When the box arrived and I opened it up, they snatched the microphone out of each others hands until I finally took it, grabbed the timer and quickly did a coin toss to see who would get the first 3 minutes.

Handsome got it first, notice the lost tooth that fell out last weekend. Love it!

Since last year (when we the Sid The Science Kid DVD's we reviewed Sid), my kid's and I have loved Sid. We find the show colorful, educational, interesting, entertaining and funny. My daughter has started conducting scientific experiments thanks to Sid, like what happens to bread after it is left out for a few days and what items float or sink.

My Kids trying it out!
My son mostly likes the songs and has started saying, "now that's funny" whenever he finds something funny.
Picnik collage
From 10 months to 7 years, this toy has been a hit in my house.
This past Friday, I hosted a Kung Zhu Zhu Party (review and video company) and the Sid The Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone was just as popular with the kids. 
Picnik collage
The microphone, just like Sid's on the show, has fun push-button features:
  • One for applause
  • Laughter
  • Theme Song
  • Silly Sounds
  • and one for an echo for your own voice
Two weeks later and the kids are still fighting over the microphone. 
My suggestion; if you have two kids, get two mics.

I think the Gotta Know Microphone coupled with a Sid The Science Kid DVD is the perfect gift idea for a little one.


  1. I wish they had this kind of stuff when we were kids... sticks were toys then.
    Great review!

  2. Your kids crack me up! I love how they are trying to steal the spot light from each other :)

  3. Anonymous9:17 PM

    The videos were cute. My daughter was laughing so hard when she saw them fighting over it. I liked when Goddess told the joke and then pressed the chick button. Cute!! Thanks for the laugh


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