Sunday, June 01, 2008

Manic Monday - Over

Morgan chose "Over" as the word of the day/week what have you.

For me, *sob* I am just so sad that *gasp* Lost of over for the season, *sniffle*.

I have been obsessed with the show from the beginning but lately my obsession had taken a turn.

How can it be over when there is still so many mysteries?
How can it be over when I still have so many questions?
How can it be over when I need my weekly Sawyer fix?

My OTHER blog Chotskies, lists all my thoughts, questions and OMG moments on Lost's Season Finale. Check it out if you are so inclind. If not, I am so "over" it.

Peace out.

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    Come on over to my blog and check out whats going on, and whats OVER!


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