Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Mother's Day Gifts That Would Rock My World

My Thursday Thirteen is stretching it a bit much but hey it is MY Thursday 13.

In no particular order, I give you my Thursday 13.

1. A night with favorite celebrity male Josh Holloway. God damn, that would be the last gift I would ever need thank you very much. Here is my Eye Candy post from last month. He is just yummy and hey I know he's married and all but so am I. My husband totally wouldn't mind, would you hunny?

2. Canon EOS 12.8 Mega Pixel SLR digital camera. It sells for about $3,200 so this is just about as out of range as Josh. Oh well. I said things that would rock my world and well, this would.

3. More in the range of a possible gift would be through my cable company. I would love to have DVR capability. I hate missing some of my favorite shows and I wish that it was possible for my husband and I to record things for when there is absolutely nothing on the 380 channels we currently have.

4. I am a sucker for infomercials which is why I don't watch them. Buttttttt, about 2 years ago I saw an infomercial for Magic Legs and have it written on my dry erase board since. It is reasonably priced at $125.00 and folds up nice and neat for storage.

5. Since I am discussing exercise equipment, I would really LOOOOVE an elliptical trainer.

6. I need a bigger vehicle but right now with gas prices this would actually be my last choice. My choice would be a Toyota Sienna. Nice, big, roomy and the kids would be far away from each other. I want it in red or Metallic Blue. Nice!
7. It would be awesome to have a pool in my backyard. We have a lake near us but honestly, I am hardly a lake person. I love seeing the bottom and knowing there are no fish or weird things in the water that I cannot see.
8. A golf cart to get to the beach would be awesome though. A nice 4 seater that would take us there and back would be fun.
9. Wii Fit.
10. A plasma TV that would hang above our fire place and give us so much more room in our living room.
11. A new stove. We have a stove that came with the house. It is cira 1974 and only 2 of the 4 burners work and that is when they want to. I would love one of those easy clean cook tops would be nice.
12. A new vacuum cleaner. I really, really good one like a Dyson, Ball HEPA upright. I hate my rugs but mostly I hate them because my vacuum really sucks and not literally which is what a vacuum is supposed to do.
13. A night at a hotel with my husband and my kids. I would love to enjoy the pool during the day and then get room service at night. We can't go on a vacation right now, which is what we really need, but this would be great too.


  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    We just bought a used Toyota Sienna, used. I hate that it is white but everything else about it I love ... including the price. Toyota makes the longest running vehicles!

  2. Sounds like you need to win the lottery! Good luck. Happy Mother's Day! Happy TT too!

  3. Wow...those are some cool MD gifts! Good luck!


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