Sunday, February 10, 2008

Potty Training Is Done and Yes I will Take A Bow

Potty training the Goddess has been done for a week.

There has been no accidents during the day or at night and we have been diaper-less for three weeks now. I can’t believe it!

I know I said this when I was potty training Handsome but, man that was easy. Handsome took 2 months from beginning to end but only 2 weeks of actual training.

Goddess has been an interesting subject to say the least. She started on her own when she was 1.5 years old but since she was so little I let her lead. If she wanted to we did and if not we let it go. There was also the smart poop story where she tried to get over on me for a treat.

We went out and let her pick out new underwear (about $25.00 worth)the other day and we are working on her wiping herself which is a problem for her. Not that she doesn’t try but she really is an itty bitty so pulling to toilet paper and trying to wipe while holding up her shirt with her pants around her ankles just isn’t easy for her.

BTW I am really going to miss her little Morticia Adams walk as we head back to the bathroom to wash up. I hold her hand and watch her little feet take little steps with her bare little cute bottom and in a weird way know I will miss this one day. One day when no one needs me to wipe their butt or walk them by the hand back to the bathroom, hold them up to wash their hands or to cheer because they went on the potty. Knowing me it will probably be tomorrow.

Potty training requires patience, love, but most importantly a sense of humor.

There is not way and what works for 1 kid will not work for the next. You have to know your kid and when they are ready. I have a few friends who are going on a year of training and I think it is because a lot of people just want to be done with the diapers and some also believe that beginning to potty training starts at a particular age. This is not true and I now believe if you begin potty training before a child is really ready you will eventually have them trained but end up with night time problems or a lot of accidents.

My advice is this:

Get a potty chair and put it in the living room.

In the morning while the kid is watching Sesame Street or whatever give them their sippy or bottle and if they happen to go on the potty celebrate, if not forget it and move on with the day.

Know your kid - if reward work use them. Whether it is a food treat, or time with mom…use it.

Good luck and keep your sense of humor. You will need it!

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