Tuesday, February 28, 2006

American Idol Girl Night

Tonight the top 10 women sang on idol. Ryan thanked the audience by for the ratings. Something like 78 million freaks and geeks like myself watched Idol last week.

My girl Katherine McPhee started the evening with "All is fair in Love" by Stevie Wonder. I didn't get to hear the beginning because I was nursing my daughter and was dealing with the pintching and biting that accompanies with meal. Before she sang there was some stupid segment of her and her roomie Kelli Pickler clowning around in their room. She mentions that she and Kelli act "silly and dumb" together and they are shown frolicking on their bed. Whatever girls! Katherine is adorable and she looks like an idol whatever that means. I didn't love the song. I mean I loove the song. It's a good song but she sounded whiney and I was bored. Zzzzzz...oh sorry I was writing wasn't I? Oh yeah...

Next up was Kinnik Sky who sang here for the party. Yikes! Um, No! No! No! That is all I have; again, No! There was no feeling just shouting!! Ok..enough with the exclamations. Basically, I love Gretchen Wilson and I thought Kinnik did a sucky job.

Lisa Tucker sang some Jackson 5 song. I was putting the baby girl to sleep so I missed the title. Even though I think Lisa has a great voice I was bored! She did ok.

Melissa McGhee sang Reba McIntire. I love the tone of this chicks voice. She is a cutie with a sexy, sultry voice. She did a great job. Oh and I love the shirt.

Heather Cox sang Hero by Mariah Carey. Her big, false eye lashes are a bit distracting. I have to mention that I hate Mariah Carey. She didn't do the song justice and the judges mentioned how when you do a Mariah Carey song you are going to be compared to the original. Doesn't that in fact hold true with most any song? If you can sing you can sing and we would all see past the original and just notice your voice.

Brenna Guthers, man I can't stomach this chick. Her arrogance is getting truly annoying. Stop mugging for the camera and blowing kisses. You aren't that cute, it is even annoying when Lindsey Lohan does it. STOP! She sang Donna Summers, "Last Dance." Any child of the 70's grew up hearing tons of Donna Summer. Not sure sup with the girls tonight but they are pretty much sucking! The song was all chopped up to showcase certain parts and maybe that is why I hated it.

Paris Bennett sang Bette Midler's "Wing Beneath my Wings." I love, love, love one more love..this song. I thought Paris sounded weak and forced. She redeemed herself at the end but it still wasn't great to me.

Ayla Brown sang a Celion Dion song that I had never heard called "I want you" I think. During her interview segment she kept mentioning sweat. When you are about to sing and get all gussied up, maybe you want to keep the sweat conversation for another time, if ever! It was a beautiful song with beautiful words and Ayla did a wonderful job.

Kellie Pickler ate her first spinach salad and tried some calamari. Did she just drop onto the planet yesterday? She is cute but it is almost too cute that it seems fake. Don't get me wrong I still love her, maybe I am just tainted! She sang Bonnie's "Let's give them something to talk about." I love this song. She started a weak but then the Kellie I love took over. She did a good job.

The show eneded with Mandisa singing "Cry" by Faith Hill. It was a bit more ballsy than Faith's version but I liked it. There was a moment when she actually hurt my ears but overall it was a decent performance.

If I were voting, this week Ayla would have my vote followed by Kellie and Melissa.

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