Sunday, January 29, 2006

Amateur Movie Review - The Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key was an interesting movie. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. Kate Hudson plays Caroline; a Hospice worker who after losing a patient decides to make a change by taking a job as a in-home Hospice worker. Ummm sure makes sense to me!

Anyway she goes to the home of her new patient Ben (John Hurt) and his wife Violet played by Gena Rowlands who I love from her Gloria day and the Notebook which I recently reviewed. Caroline receives a Skeleton Key that supposedly opens every door in the home. There is one door that appears cannot be opened with the key.

The movie touches on some form of "Hoodoo" not voodoo folks. Hoodoo only works on those who believe in it. The movie is well written and I believe would translate better in book form but all in all the movie does qualify for a B in my film rating.

Kate Hudson looks and sounds so much like her Mother Goldie Hawn that it was sometimes distracting. I was also distracted by the heart pendant Caroline wears with the little key hole. Ok, enough about the key, stop jamming it down my throat. I get it, yes the movie is about a key!

Thankfully unlike most thrillers there weren't too many shots of boobs or panties, just enough for my husband to have his 13 year old boy thrill. "I almost see her boob."

I enjoyed the writing, the acting and the twist but I did feel as if everything was spelled out for me I would have appreciated a little mystery. The audience is not stupid, we could do without the writing on the wall.

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