Thursday, October 14, 2021

Little Ellen's Happy Elloween Episode Today

New episodes of Little Ellen premiere Thursday, Oct. 14 on Cartoonito on HBO Max, including a fun, spooky episode to help get you and your preschoolers into the Halloween spirit.

In “Happy Elloween,” Little Ellen, Freckle and Becky decide that they’re old enough to go trick or treating without an adult for the first time. Then, they question their decision when this Halloween proves to be the spookiest one yet!

Here is a fun look at the new trailer:

About Little Ellen: Little Ellen is a 2D-animated preschool series that explores the world through the eyes of a hilarious and unpredictable seven-year-old Ellen DeGeneres. The series follows Little Ellen (voiced by Laurel Emory) and her best friends-Freckle (voiced by JeCobi Swain) and Becky (voiced by Johanna Colon) –on fun, everyday adventures  with her across the musical city of New Orleans, teaching lessons of resilience, optimism and courage along the way.


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