Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Ten On Tuesday – Time Wasters

Ten On Tuesday – Time Wasters

Over at Ten on Tuesday we were asked to write about our favorite Time Wasters. This should be easy for most of us.
1. INTERNET – I surf the internet WAY too much.
2. PHONE – I love talking on the phone but hate ending the call. I feel saying I have to go is rude. Sometimes I am on WAY longer than I want to be.
3. READING CELEBRITY TRASH MAGS – I have stopped doing this because they are so expensive, but I used to spend so much time reading them trash mags. So much so that you could at anytime ask me who, where, what and I could give an answer as if them and I had coffee with them that morning.
4. ORGANIZING – my internet folders. Having a billion favorite folders makes me crazy.
5. INTERNET CABLE – Waiting for my applications to open, close, unfreeze, etc. Mostly this is because my cable system sucks and I lose internet connection constantly. A plane flies over and my signal gets sucked, next thing I know I am waiting. Sometimes it takes me 25 minutes to do something that would have been done in 2 minutes. That just burns my big, fat, ass.
6. STRAIGTENING/CLEANING – I clean up after my kids all day long. If I would just wait until the evening I would have hours free.
7. PLAYING REFEREE – I spend at least 2 hours a day breaking up fights over stupid things. Like whose favorite color is green. Give me a break.
8. SLEEPING – I know we need it but I hardly get any anyway.
9. COOKING – For people who eat nothing. God, I hate cooking and having no one eat what I made. Damn kids.
10. TALKING – I wish I could lose weight talking. I speak all day long, my kids count on me to acknowledge everything that comes out of their mouth (my own fault), so my entire day is peppered with (you do?, really?, Ok, good job, I Do hear you, etc.) Aaahhhh the amount of time I would save if they would just shut up.

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