Monday, September 09, 2019

Planning a Great Gatsby Themed Party Celebration


Planning a Great Gatsby Themed Party Celebration The roaring 20’s is almost upon us again, which means there’s no better time to start busting out the ‘Charleston’ and having your very own Great Gatsby -themed birthday bash. Planning a party is no easy task and will take a lot of preparation beforehand to get everything just right; especially when you have a theme in mind. One thing’s sure though, Mr Gatsby held the most extravagant of parties and this guide will help you do the same.

If you’re hoping to achieve a 1920’s-themed party in the style of The Great Gatsby, here’s some tip tips to get your party off the ground with a bang:

1. Send Out The Invitations 

First and foremost, you need to send out your invitations roughly 6-8 weeks beforehand, so your guests have enough time to research the theme and get suitable costumes. When selecting suitable invitations, opt for designs that have an art-deco feel to them, for example, gold tones, symmetrical lines, and flamboyant patterns.

2. Focus On Décor 

For any themed party, you need to think wisely about how you’re going to decorate the venue. While you may dream of getting the look exactly like the movie, the reality can be very different when you have tight deadlines, limited space and an even smaller budget. Here are some ideas you can think about for turning a drab room into an art-deco paradise:

• Metallic paper chains hanging from the ceiling
• Glass chandeliers
• Pearls hanging from fittings or being used as table decorations
• Feather details as part of displays
• Floral table decorations, preferably in a white hue

3. Find The Perfect Entertainment 

One of the most important aspects of a good Great Gatsby-themed party is to have some good entertainment; either in the background as people drink cocktails or later on in the evening for dancing. Just like times of the past, hiring a live band for your event will take the atmosphere to a whole level. Then, if you want to play your favourite songs in the late evening, change the entertainment to a DJ set. Websites like are a versatile live music and DJ team who will bring a specialist touch to your Great Gatsby-themed bash. 

4. Think About The Menu 

It’s not essential that you choose a fully authentic menu for your guests, but if you’re throwing a drinks party, two things are essential – champagne and canopies. In fact, having a sit-down meal or buffet will only prevent the flow of the party from really getting started, so a few small snacks handed around on dinner plates would be a nice touch if your party is held in the late evening.

5. Pick Your Costume

When it comes to selecting your costume, you can watch the movie to get some inspiration or even research online to see the types of clothing people in the 1920’s may have worn.  You can pick up an array of accessories at fancy dress shops such as long pearl beads, feather headband and cigarette holders, but you may also have a few gems hidden at the back of your wardrobe. That short black dress you haven’t worn in years and a pair of court heels teamed with the above accessories will fit the bill perfectly.

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