Friday, May 10, 2019

How to Combat Fatigue Caused by a Long Work Week

Fatigue is something everyone experiences at some point, but too much fatigue can negatively impact your entire life. Long work weeks are big contributors of too-much fatigue. However, when you can’t change your work week, you can find other ways to combat fatigue. This article covers a few methods to reducing sleepless side effects.

The quality of your rest can sometimes be more important than quantity.   Have you ever closed your eyes and seemingly opened them again to find it had been 8 hours and you still feel exhausted?

The quality of your sleep is as important, if not more important, than the quantity of your sleep. Eight hours sounds like a dream for most people, but unless your mind enters the restful phase [REM] of sleep, you will wake up feeling tired.

Shut off the electronics two hours before bed

Follow a restful routine to get your body relaxed

Strive to be as comfortable as possible with a clear mind before you embark for dreamland.

Cut Caffeine, Sugar, and Junky Carbs Sugar, junky carbs, and caffeine kill your metabolic system. Sure, you get a nice kick of energy for a few hours, but then your insulin spikes with a rapid drop. This is what causes that mid-day crash.

Drink water, eat healthy and nutritious foods that fuel your mind and body [almonds, spinach, chicken, etc.]

Steer clear of bad habits, such as smoking or drinking [vaping included].

Go for a walk outside but be diligent in wearing proper attire for whatever weather you encounter.  Being outdoors, especially when the weather is that perfect blend of warm with a cool breeze, has been proven to improve your overall mental health and increase alertness. Take a walk. Or a run. Or even a bike with an electric bicycle Alberta CA.  The benefit here is breathing fresh air and feeling at one with nature to allow your fatigue-ridden stressors to fade away.

Side note: Sometimes fatigue can cause other problems, both mental and physical. If you experience headaches, migraines, unexplained mood swings, and/or pop-up aggression in stressful situations, you should talk to a professional therapist. There are varied situations of sleeplessness and fatigue that might require more than more restful sleep, fresh air, and proper nutrition.

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