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Simply Amazing by KC Armstrong - GIVEAWAY

Simply Amazing  is a collection of uplifting stories of overcoming life's greatest obstacles. KC Armstrong begins the book with the heart-wrenching story of his tormented years after leaving the Howard Stern show and then his transformation to a life of hope and service to others. He shares 11 favorite interviews from his WMAP radio station of people who've also overcome tremendous challenges to find their true life callings. Great feel-good antidote for turbulent times and upbeat gift for any occasion.

“A celebration of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity”
1.       Virginia Armstrong, a retired English teacher,  traveled to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro but died at Uhuru Peak and woke to an epiphany about why she is on the planet.
2.       Daniella Cippitelli used her battle with cancer to help other survivors find acceptance and healing through her foundation and gallery, merging  fitness, nutrition, yoga, and art.
3.       Werner Reich, a survivor of the Auschwitz II and Mauthausen concentration camps, defied the odds by living to tell his story of unspeakable horror, inhumanity, and the beauty and strength of the human spirit.
4.       Laurene Hope, artist and performer, overcame her childhood abuse and borderline personality disorder to launch a creative conglomerate  of businesses and speaking engagements about mental health-through dedication to the drug-free work within the Therapeutic Community.
5.       Jenny Maher was left paralyzed from the neck down after a depression/bipolar/PTSD related suicide attempt, but now she generously uses her past experiences to help others realize they are not alone.
6.       Tom Butts created one of the biggest equipment rental businesses in California without any startup capital, armed only with a great idea, his incredible work ethic and determination.
7.       Jeanne Beard shares her struggles and triumphs in raising an autistic son which led her to help other parents of children on the spectrum by creating the National Autism Academy.
8.       Lito Mason rose above his  environment in the projects, surrounded by drugs, violence and sexual predators, to use his athletic talent to stay in school, secure college scholarships, and become a mentor to other high-risk youths who also crave better lives.
9.        Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers courageously followed her heart from Texas all the way to Alaska to open an emergency veterinary clinic in an area where she was greatly needed.
10.   Dour Herald grew up on a farm in Kentucky and climbed the corporate ladder to the top only to find an emptiness inside which could only be filled by developing his generosity and faith.
11.   Shannon Knight, two-time cancer survivor, uses her experiences to help others explore their options in fighting their own battle with or without conventional cancer treatments.

The 411:

If you are looking for a feel good read look no further. This book was a wonderful way to start of the New Year for me.  I am a huge fan of The Howard Stern Show and KC Armstrong was a big part of that more than a few years back. I always wondered what happened to him and thought of him often as I listen daily. I can still hear his voice so it was sad for me to read how he had been spending the years he was away from the show. He had obvious struggles and I am glad to read that he is doing well, doing a radio show and interviewing inspiring people who have absolutely triumphed over many different obstacles.

Some of the stories were harder for me to read than others but all interviews felt organic, real and candid. I love how opened and honest everyone was. My favorite interviews were Werner Reich and Jeanne Beard although they were all amazing to read. I found myself almost hearing the interview instead of reading it. The layout of the book is fairly set up as an interview. KC asks a question and the Interviewee answers. There is back and forth as they are on a radio show and I wish I could hear the stories or at least listen to KC on his station. I was unable to hear anything but maybe you could try over at

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