Sunday, December 17, 2017

My BagBelt Stops Your Bag From Falling Off The Seat While You Concentrate On Driving

Guys it must have happened to you at least once. You are driving and suddenly you have to stop short for either a deer, traffic or horrible drivers. It happened to me just last week when I had to slow down quick because a deer decided it was the perfect time to jump-cross the road.  My pocket book was spilled all over the floor of the car including my water bottle which leaks. I needed to get over at the next safe spot to gather it all together and clean up the water before it soaked all my belongs and rug.  This is why I love MyBagBelt! I don't know why I never thought of this but thankfully Kristine Palmer did! It is a seat belt for your bag or whatever else is in the front seat with you!

While MyBagBelt®’s inventor, Kristine Palmer, was getting her MBA, she would spend a lot of time sitting in traffic on her way to class. She found it frustrating that every time she hit the brakes, her tote bag/purse went flying to the floorboard. She knew she needed to solve that problem, so she didn’t ruin the expensive equipment or have to deal with digging items out of the crevices of the car. Thus, she decided to create MyBagBelt®!

MyBagBelt® is easy to install; you simply slip it over the back of your passenger seat. Also, you never have to uninstall it when you have people in the car. It's specially designed so your passengers can lean against it without ever knowing the difference. (Just be sure to slide the buckle to the side of your seat for max comfort!)

From groceries to flower arrangements, you can slide and maneuver MyBagBelt® to meet almost any need you can think of.

This makes the perfect stocking stuffer gift. I need to get one for all my friends and family. 

I love having my bag secure next to me while I drive. It is definitely a must have. Look for it on my Holiday Gift Guide located on my home page. 

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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