Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Down The Road by Jodi Thomas - Guest Post

I have read the first three Harmony books from Jodi Thomas, and while this one is calling me from my NEED TO READ pile, Easter, Goddess' Birthday (this Saturday), Prior Book Reviews, and Spring Break for the kids have set me back a bit. So, until I can get my review up, here is some information about the book from Jodi herself.
JUST DOWN THE ROAD is my 36th novel and I believe one of the best I’ve ever written.  Whenever I write I always think about the kind of story I love to read.  I want to laugh and cry and fall in love.  I want to care.  I want to stay with the story longer than planned because I just have to know what happens next.  I think, as you read JUST DOWN THE ROAD that I will take you on that journey.  You’re going to love my people, not because they’re rich or famous, or powerful, but because they’re kind.  They’re trying to survive in a world where doing what is right matters.

Tinch Turner was one of those rare characters who came to me fully developed.  When I met him he was sitting outside the emergency room in Harmony, Texas, counting the roughnecks piling out of a pick-up and heading in for treatment.  He was hurt and bleeding, but he’d wait until they were treated before he went in.  After all, it was the least he could do, he was the one who sent them to the hospital.

As soon as I had Tinch down on paper I knew he’d have to meet a woman who could be his match.  For a while I looked for another fighter, but the doctor who stepped in his path was a frightened woman who’d been broken once and only thought of running when trouble came.  She’d have to give him a reason to live and he’d have to show her how to be strong.

Tinch and Addison were born, then in my mind, they took the story and made it their own.

JUST DOWN THE ROAD is about letting go of the past and stepping into new beginnings.  It’s about learning to recognize what’s important in life.  What lies closest to your heart.  The stories in this little town blend together as the people touch each others’ lives and I think when the reader finishes, they’ll be surprised how much my characters have grown to matter to them.

I hope everyone will walk into Harmony with me, stop off at the diner and stay a while.  You might just feel right at home.

Enjoy my newest story,  

Jodi Thomas

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