Sunday, February 04, 2024

Valentine’s Gift Ideas For My Class #valentine

I am in the process of getting my class gift bags together for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The bag will include

Tiny Colorful Bears - There are 24 for $15.99 and I think my class will love them. They are the perfect alternative to chocolate and come with heart shaped boxes to stuff with the bear. 

Paint Wooden Ornaments24 Pack Kids Valentine’s Day Gifts: The package includes 24 wooden space-themed paintings, 24 Valentine's exchange cards, 24 mini watercolor paints, 24 brushes, and 26 pcs clear bags.  I think my class is going to go crazy for this. They love painting.  I love everything about it.

Sunglasses - Kids love sunglasses. These are so colorful and fun.

24 Coloful Unicorn Bracelets - My girls are going to love this! The price was amazing and they are adorable. 

They will be in these 36 gift bags with also come with tissue paper. 

They will decorate these bookmarks which will serve as their name tags.

I honestly cannot wait for them to see these filled gift bags in 13 days. A piece of chocolate will be included but I love giving gifts that aren’t just candy for my Preschoolers. 

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