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4 Reasons to Visit Your Gynecologist


For the vast majority of women, matters of the health and well-being of their bodies, particularly their sexual organs, can be thought of to be embarrassing, and many people put off booking an appointment with their doctor for this reason. 

This is just one of the plethora of reasons why it makes sense to instead make an appointment to see a qualified and experienced gynecologist, if only for the fact that you can be safe in the knowledge that your nether regions are just one in a long line. 

With that being said, continue reading to learn of four additional reasons to visit your gynecologist.


1. Discomfort or Pain During Sex


First and foremost, if you are experiencing discomfort and even pain when having sex, it would be advisable to book an appointment with your gynecologist. 

It may well be that the cause is related to vaginal dryness, a condition that has a plethora of causes, most of them entirely treatable and if your genitals hurt and sting either during or after intercourse, and your gynecologist may well be able to suggest a treatment.  


2. You Think You May Have an STD


Another fundamental reason why it would be a good idea to make an appointment with a professional gynecologist is if you have the slightest worry that you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Book yourself into a private gynaecology clinic London and do not be embarrassed or afraid of speaking out about what you are experiencing and any signs and symptoms. Your gynecologist will probably discuss with you your sexual orientation and/or your sexual history, mainly to ascertain your personal risk factors and also to discuss any potential effects from past STDS.


3. A Decreased Libido


This next point is more of a personal one, not because of the intimate nature of the feeling, but moreover, the fact that everyone naturally experiences dips and peaks in their libido.

However, unless you are taking any long-term medication, such as anti-depressants for example, there may be another cause for your decreased or entire lack of interest in having sex. There could be a plethora of different reasons why your libido has decreased, but speaking to your gynecologist will certainly make things clearer. 

Some tried and tested ways to increase your libido include:

• Try to reduce your levels of stress and worry
• Communicate your feelings with your partner
• Regular exercise, ideally outdoors in the fresh air
• Stop smoking and reduce the amount of alcohol you consume


4. Unusual Spots, Bumps, or Growths


The fourth and final most common and indeed, important, reason to book an appointment to see a professional gynecologist is if you have noticed any new lumps or bumps around your genitals, there is a permanent odor around the area, or else your genitals are swollen.

Again, there could be several causes, but your gynecologist will be able to narrow down the potential reasons why this is happening and may well be able to prescribe a treatment plan to entirely eradicate the issue.

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