Saturday, May 28, 2011

Color Carnival #92 - Join Us Every Saturday!

Well, that wasn't too bad right? we are now in our second week at your new home. Hopefully we are unpacked and feeling a bit more comfortable. I understand moving is hard on everyone, and if there is anything you need please contact me anytime to discuss the living arrangements. I want you to be as comfortable as possible.

This week our winner with 3 votes is Lani with her lovely assortment of masks.

Very colorful. BTW, welcome to our newest submitter, Lorie we are pleased you have joined us and hope to see more colorful shots.

Welcome to another colorful week here at Color Carnival!

We will run till Thursday at midnight. At which point a voting button will show up, giving you time to vote and Saturday morning a new post will go up with the prior week's winner. Sound good?

Hope everyone had a great week.


  1. Thanks for taking the trouble to host this great meme. The page load is very slow, though. Perhaps all the ads?

  2. Thanks for the votes! Have a great week ahead...

  3. I had a link to Colour Carnival in my sidebar but have had to take it out because I can't work out how to link it to Colour Carnival precisely rather than to this blog in general. Would you be able to give me the code/link/url which will make a direct connection?

    I don't often contribute to Colour Carnival because few of my pictures fit its theme - but I really appreciate it as an event and am glad you are persisting with it.


  4. Hey ladies
    Thank you for continuing with the meme even with the changes.
    The link for your sidebar would be this:


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