Monday, May 02, 2011

Blue Monday - Today The Flags Are Flying

Smiling Sally

Today being what it is...I found it necessary to post a picture of The American Flag! While I have mixed feelings about "celebrating" someone's death, I pray many will find some peace and closure today. May we rise above the political madness, hatred and ignorance if only for one day to live together with our brothers and sisters as one nation under God!

American Flag

I took this picture on Friday for our town's Arbor Day celebration, you can never go wrong with a photo of your countries flag!


  1. I agree; this is a good day for America. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Maria.

  2. God blessed the USA yesterday by taking out Osama, but I agree it doesn't feel good to celebrate his demise.
    The world feels a little safer though.
    Great shot!

  3. Blessings can be found in most things, as well as pain. Our country is in a terrible mess for more reasons than this.

  4. Beautiful message!

    Blue Hyacinth, hope you can come and see. Thanks!


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