Tuesday, September 13, 2022

High-Speed Wireless Internet Advantages for Rural Communities

Due to the rise in remote work, the need for wireless internet services in rural areas is growing significantly. Young professionals like the space, quieter towns, and the more expensive housing alternatives these regions offer. 

However, the lack of rural wireless internet in North American rural areas is challenging. According to the FCC, only 65% of Americans who live in rural areas have access to the internet. According to the CRTC, just 46% of rural homes in Canada do. Wireless internet for rural areas is crucial for various reasons, not just for remote employees, of course. 

Everyone, from farmers to librarians, can stand to gain from wireless internet connectivity as the global economy becomes more reliant on technology in the following ways:

Small Business Empowerment

Reliable wireless internet access is crucial for reducing expenses and increasing revenue for small and remote businesses. Activities like online meetings demand the kind of bandwidth that only broadband can provide, and connection failures or interruptions can cost real money.

Expanding the Alternatives for Health Care

High-speed wireless internet access in rural homes significantly increases access to health care, especially for specialists who may be based far away. Large bandwidth and dependable connections are needed for virtual healthcare options like video calls with doctors (telehealth).

Increased Availability of Instructional Resources

In isolated areas, it's a prevalent myth that young people leave their hometown after high school to pursue further studies. These days, it only takes a click to access the booming world of online education, which includes renowned post-secondary colleges and universities. 

However, a lack of high-speed internet connectivity is a roadblock. Many of these applications use high-bandwidth activities like online meetings and cloud computing.

However, with improved connectivity to the wireless internet, e-learning can be accessible to anybody at any time. Rural workers can also use internet services to increase their productivity, even if they are illiterate or don't speak a particular language well. 

Youth in remote areas who lack access to basic resources will be encouraged to strengthen their employment skills as a result.

Improving farm efficiency

Farmers in rural areas may be able to obtain critical information from sensors installed throughout their large estates in real-time, thanks to a growing market for smart technology intended exclusively for agriculture. This would necessitate wireless high-speed internet to be installed in the buildings on their farm.

Empowering self-sufficient farms

A high-speed internet connection on a farm can enable farmers to use automated agricultural equipment, such as self-driving tractors, and assist them with real-time data collection. Utilizing this equipment can boost output while cutting labor costs.

State administrative services

State governments have enabled villagers to access state and district administrative services online with improved internet connectivity. These programs make it easier for people in remote areas to get administrative services at places that are convenient for them. It makes central government operations like cooperative unions accessible to the public. The rural populace has greatly benefited from the computerization of land records.


In the modern world, high-speed internet access is quite important. The gap between technologically backward and forward classes could be closed if practical access to the wireless internet is available in rural areas.

Fetch Wireless wants to contribute to this significant issue. To bring Internet access to even the most remote areas, we have worked with the biggest 4G LTE carriers. You'll be able to do everything you want online with a national average of 25 Mbps and a very low ping rate. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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