Friday, July 29, 2022

New Book Debunks Old Age Stereotypes and Encourages Those Over 50 to Create an Extraordinary Life

Stafford, TX, July 26, 2022 — “The second half of your life is the best part.” That’s the message from author, entrepreneur and Life Coach Michael Taylor in announcing the launch of his latest book, I’m Not Okay With Gray: How to Create an Extraordinary Life After 50.


“Today’s society places a high value on youth and beauty, and the experience and wisdom possessed by older folks is not treasured as much as decades gone by,” Taylor said. “It’s no wonder that many people often dread getting old.” 


And there’s good reason to embrace getting older. One study found that Americans who were more positive about aging lived 7.5 years longer. It is on this premise that Taylor is encouraging his readers to embrace the second part of their lives.


I’m Not Okay With Gray: How to Create an Extraordinary Life After 50 is an inspiring resource written purposely to hopefully change people’s mindsets about getting older and empower men and women over 50 to recognize that the second half of life can be more fulfilling than the first half. The book explores topics such as embracing spirituality, health and fitness, technology, joy, financial abundance and more.


Readers will benefit from valuable insights as the author draws from his experiences, emphasizing the importance of elderly wisdom and how to apply it to live happier lives. 


Taylor is a Certified Life Coach who has helped thousands of people transform their lives from the inside out by changing their attitudes about aging. The author himself did not have an exceptional first half of his life but overcame being a high school dropout, divorce, depression, foreclosure and homelessness to become an entrepreneur, the author of 11 books, motivational speaker and radio host. He also launched a career and company at the age of 60 without any formal degrees or training.


“I’ve met many people who dread getting older or who believe life is finished because they’ve entered another phase,” said Taylor when asked to explain his reasons for writing the book. “I wrote this book to help people renew their mindset about aging and anticipate great things in the second part of their life. This is my gift to humanity to help make the world a better place.”


I’m Not Okay With Gray: How to Create an Extraordinary Life After 50 aims to be an insightful and uplifting first step resource for those struggling to be optimistic about the aging process. The book is available in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon and on the author’s website. For further information, visit:


I’m Not Okay With Gray: How To Create An Extraordinary Life After 50

Publisher: Creation Publishing Group

Release Date: June 24, 2022

ISBN-10: ‎1736636960

ISBN-13: ‎978-1736636961

Available from, and



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