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Trendsetting board company is rewarding you for getting out there & doing your thing!

CULVER CITY, Calif. – JUL 6, 2022 – Loaded Boards, an innovative company dedicated to the growth of board sports through performance, is once again delivering its Challenge Series, which rewards skaters for trying tricks with the goal of inspiring more people to get into longboarding and to build confidence in their riding. People can upload their video submissions to the Loaded Challenge Series Facebook group; more information can be found on the Challenge Series page on Loaded’s website.  

Loaded first introduced the Challenge Series in 2007. Now, the company has issued “Foundations”, an evergreen series of challenges designed to help you develop a variety of fundamental skills on a skateboard. Details on the Challenge Series:

1.  Successfully complete a minimum of 8 challenges to receive a 10% discount at

2.  You may use any board (or boards) to complete the challenges.

3.  Complete 10 challenges to receive a 15% discount at

4.  Completed challenges must be compiled into and submitted as one single video.

5.  Video submissions must be under 2 minutes in length.

6.  Video submissions must be posted to the Loaded Challenge Series Facebook Group.

7.  Loaded will review submissions weekly.

8.  Participants are encouraged to engage in positive and constructive dialogue in the Loaded Challenge Series Facebook Group!

“The Challenge Series is awesome fun for everyone from novices to expert riders,” notes Don Tashman, President and CEO of Loaded Boards. “Have a fun and productive summer by learning new skateboarding skills and earning rewards for your efforts!”

About Loaded Boards

A global leader in longboards, Loaded Boards explores ways of emulating snowboarding and surfing on land with a passion for materials and a dedication to environmentally conscious design and production. The company focuses on manufacturing decks that embrace freestyle, freeriding, dancing, carving, and cruising, as well as specialized decks for downhill racing. Made from flexible bamboo, fiberglass, maple, and other innovative materials, the decks also offer unparalleled carving ability and dependable durability. Loaded’s signature Orangatang brand wheels, with their unmistakable orange color, have become staples across the industry, supplying products to numerous other high-quality non-electric and electric board brands such as Evolve and Boosted. To learn more visit


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