Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Glasshouse Debuting on Digital and On Demand July 12 And A Review



"Glasshouse is my favorite film of the year so far."- FILM THREAT


"Kelsey Egan's Glasshouse from South Africa is a masterclass in how small-scale fantastic allegory and its world-building potential can provide fertile ground with which to examine the stain of colonialism itself"-AWFJ Women on Film

"A sinister, seductive meditation on memory, desire and loss" - THE GUARDIAN


"An eye-opening debut accompanied by some excellent lead performances, Glasshouse seduces and scandalises with its unique brand of mystique"-THN


"Initially playing out like a post-apocalyptic The Beguiled, Glasshouse quickly comes into its own with its intriguing world-building and exquisite production design"-FILM PULSE


"Glasshouse succeeds as an immersive, eerie chamber piece, a coming-of-age drama and a sci-fi fantasy that becomes more than the sum of its parts thanks to its strong visual style, good performances and its assured hand in escalating tension."-THEIR OWN LEAGUE


"The visuals and performances are an enticing blend of refined and earthy, making for a beautiful film experience overall."-DAILY DEAD

Confined to their glasshouse, a family survives The Shred, a toxin that erases memory. Until the sisters are seduced by a Stranger who shatters their peace and stirs a past best left buried.

From director Kelsey Egan, and starring Jessica Alexander, Kitty Harris, Helton Pelser, Adrienne Pearce and Anja Taljaard, GLASSHOUSE premieres on digital platforms July 12 in North America.

The 411:

I loved it. An olde mother and her children are holed up in a huge, Victorian, greenhouse. They wear plastic bee keeper hoods to leave their home due to a dementia like pandemic called the shred  that has wiped out most life, all wildlife. If you breathe in the outside air you no longer remember who you are, your name, family or memories of the before. The family works in shifts to shoot anyone who comes near their property and wait for their brother Lucas return. They eat the victim, use his parts as fertilizer for their garden and pollinate their garden. They literally do the bees work, singing and humming in a ritualistic manner to always remember.

When a stranger is saved by one of the sisters everything comes crashing down and the family will never be the same. 

I loved the soft focus, the flowing, Victorian dresses, the landscape, and how the stunningly beautiful visual was coupled with cannibalism, frustration, lies, manipulation and murder. 

Am I watching a movie about COVID or a film about a mysterious, farcical illness called The Shred. Hmmmm I truly wonder.

The acting is superb! Kitty Harris as Daisy the youngest sister is divine, Anja Taljaard stunning and the rest of the cast amazing, 

This is an adult film with mild sex scenes so beware.

See the trailer here

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