Thursday, June 23, 2022

Home Safety Survey: 12 Years Old is the Age For Holding Down The Fort Alone

It’s no secret that parents struggle to pinpoint the appropriate age to introduce children to fire and firearm safety materials; when they can cook by themselves, or when they can be at home alone before or after school.

But according to’s Parenting In America Report — the trusted authority on home and personal safety — countless parents have shared their two cents on a few very big milestones for safety at home. 

>> It's Never Too Early To Start Teaching Fire Safety
By age 2, children can be introduced to fire safety and learn about how they can help prevent fires, as well as what to do if a fire breaks out at home.

>> Firearm Safety: Teach Them Young
About 15% of parents say 5 is the age at which they felt learning about gun safety was appropriate, but nearly 14% said 10 years old. 

>> Should Children Be Left Home Alone After School?
Among this parent group, the most common answer was 12, with 30% of parents selecting this age, however, 43% say only teenagers should be home alone before or after school. 

>> Kitchen Tasks For Different Age Groups
There isn’t firm guidance from child health experts but 26% of parents responded with  age 12. Many factors play a role, including the size and maturity of the child and cooking fuel used for the stovetop.

To find out about additional appropriate ages for toddlers, children and teenagers in relation to inside and outside of the home, check out the full report here

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