Thursday, June 23, 2022

"5 Summer Entertaining Tips to Beat The Heat of Inflation"


With summertime officially in full swing, temps across the country are soaring - much like the inflation that’s had a stranglehold on the economy for far too many months now.  

With many American families cutting back on expenses amid record setting grocery and gas prices, there are tips and tools for coping—which means you can still fire up that grill and invite the neighbors over without burning your budget.

Here’s how to do it affordably with tips from Savings Expert Lisa Thompson.

1.     Bring back the good ol’ potluck. With all the entertaining opportunities from the Fourth of July to backyard BBQs, pool parties, family reunions, and the like, sharing is truly caring - invite everyone to pitch in and add their favorite dishes or snacks to the festivities. It’s even easier if you create a theme like "Taco Tuesday" or  a make-your-own hot dog bar, DIY kebabs on the grill (everyone bring something to skewer and a side dish), or even just a s’mores spread with a variety of options. Not all entertaining has to include a full meal.

2.     Use an app that earns you money.  The best way to make a dent in food prices right now—with an immediate return —is by using a savings app like, which allows you to earn instant cash back on everything from sunscreen and ice cream to condiments, hot dog buns, and even paper goods. It’s literally like getting free money, which can add up and go a long way in stretching your entertaining budget.

3.     Layer savings and sales.  Take advantage of existing store sales by pairing those discounts with cash back offers on your savings apps.  Shopping at Target where they happen to have six-pack sodas on sale, 3 for $12? Check your cash back app where they may have offers for $3 back on 2 six packs, and you've just doubled your total savings!

That cash back will be deposited right into your PayPal account, and you can even link your Target account to the app for automatic savings (no need to even submit a receipt).

4.     Try something new. Every first day of summer, my kids and I have a longstanding tradition of making banana splits for dinner. Just banana splits—and a slew of toppings. We’ve extended this tradition to now include friends, so the price tag has gone up a bit. My solution? This year, I scrolled through my app, found two brands of ice cream we’ve never tried—both with cash back offers. They’re delicious, less expensive, and I’ve decided that my brand loyalty ends when I can find something I like just as much for way less money.

5.     Let nature be your décor. It’s easy to go overboard on decorations when you’re hosting a birthday party, holiday celebration, or baby shower—but you can create a vibe without blowing a wad of cash, especially if the event is outside. Buy some fresh flowers that fit your color scheme or theme - sticking with the same color will add a lot more bang for your buck. Create a great playlist and let music set the mood—that’s free. If it's an evening gathering, light a few candles or use some cool outdoor lights. . That’s it. Keep it simple, affordable, and easy.

Lastly, focus on the fun of finally being able to get together in-person with family and friends...after way too many hours of Zoom and FaceTime. That’s your ticket to a successful summer of entertaining.

The mobile app is available for download in the App store and on Google Play.

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