Tuesday, August 24, 2021

How to Keep Your Feet Healthy



Feet carry many people many places. They often take on quite a burden during normal day-to-day life straight through to the more active lifestyles, and with that in mind, it also means that while they are doing all of the hard work getting people around, they are also often forgotten about. 


Feet are not something that are generally seen a lot throughout the day, such as hands, so they can be easily forgotten about. This piece will talk about how you can keep your feet healthy and happy, so they can keep carrying you where you need to go. 


Check for the Basics 


When wanting to maintain your foot health, regularly checking for cuts, scrapes, bruises, or odd coloring is the first port of call. If anything is swollen or sore, you should look into medical intervention or professional advice if it appears to worsen, especially if you have rested. 


Something that could feel slightly irritating can cause serious problems, such as an ingrown toenail, so be sure to keep on top of things, so no infection has the chance to begin!


Wear the Right Footwear


Some fashion footwear may look great when you are strutting your stuff on the sidewalk to work but could, deep down, be doing some serious long-term damage to your feet, and in turn, your body! High heels are definitely one of the culprits of this, as, over time, they can shorten the tendons and the muscles in the backs of your legs, which can prime you for injury.


Other shoes which squeeze your toes together in the front or distort the arch of your foot are also bad news, so be sure to invest in a pair of foot-friendly shoes to wear for the majority of the time to keep your feet and your body in tip-top condition. 


If You Are Not Sure, Ask a Professional 


The majority of issues that you can have with your feet can be prevented, and if you are not sure what you are doing wrong, a second opinion from a professional can never hurt. Getting correctly measured can ensure your shoes are the right fit for you, and this includes taking your arch and foot width into account too. If you have any issues which you are not convinced you understand how you can treat by yourself, be sure to ask a podiatrist for their expert opinion and go from there. 


Get a Massage


Because feet carry the body around for miles and miles per day, they too can have a lot of tension build-up in them and benefit from rest and recovery. Remember that feeling of your feet burning after a 12-hour shift? Or when you have finally finished a long day of shopping? Massaging your feet after can help the recovery of this strain and prevent any serious injury the next time you hop out of bed. You do not have to shell out either if you cannot afford to get professional massages regularly – using a massage ball or even a tennis ball and rolling it under your feet can work wonders relaxing the muscles and relieve pressure from swelling.



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