Sunday, July 25, 2021

4 natural remedies for inflammation


Inflammation can have many causes, ranging from a simple insect bite to something more complex like a sports injury or even arthritis. Whatever the cause, painkillers are often effective, but some people seek more natural remedies. The creams and tinctures on this list will soothe inflammation, and they’re all derived straight from nature! But, of course, if your inflammation is long-term, you should always consult a doctor for further advice.


#1 Green tea


The logic behind green tea reducing inflammation is quite simple - people from areas where a lot of this tea is consumed have substantially lower rates of inflammatory disease. Green tea is generally recommended for people suffering from sore joints related to arthritis, injuries, or simple wear and tear. More research is required in this area, but it’s thought that green tea inhibits the production of certain inflammation-producing chemicals within the body and potentially slows down the loss of cartilage. Whatever the cause behind the efficacy of this remedy, it’s recommended that sufferers drink three or four cups per day to feel the effects. This isn’t a suitable treatment if you’re sensitive to caffeine, though.


#2 CBD


CBD is rapidly making its way into the mainstream as one of the most popular pain relievers of all. It comes in many different forms, but CBD hemp cream is widely used to soothe inflamed or sore muscles. Unlike many of the other remedies on this list, the cream won’t enter your bloodstream and will only work locally in the area where it’s applied. That means it won’t interact with any other medicines that you might be taking, and you can use it to target specific, painful areas. If you’re looking for targeted relief, this is one natural remedy that cuts straight to the source.


#3 Turmeric


Turmeric seems to be everywhere nowadays. Health stores around the world stock it in capsule form, it’s available as a tea, and you can even find turmeric shots! The hype is justified by turmeric’s excellent anti-inflammatory credentials. Studies have linked turmeric to alterations within quite a few inflammatory pathways, and it can even reduce insulin resistance in cases of obesity. As a result, most people choose to take turmeric capsules, with around 400-600mg being the standard dose. The only drawback of turmeric comes if you’re also taking NSAID painkillers. While low amounts are safe, taking megadoses can increase your risk of bleeding. 


#4 Omega-3 fatty acids


There’s a reason that fish is considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. Fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which also happen to be one of the best anti-inflammatories that you’ll find. The oils are useful against all forms of inflammation but play a special part in reducing the vascular kind. Vascular inflammation is linked to heart disease and even death, which explains why Omega-3s are so popular. Simply making fish a regular part of your diet is usually enough to reap the benefits of these oils, but they’re also available in capsule and liquid (if you can handle the taste) form.


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