Thursday, March 18, 2021

15 Types of Video Content

The amount of video content available on the web has risen exponentially within the past few years. Some of this content was created by organizations and corporations while others are user-generated and were created by regular people. Many brands, like Jukin Media, focus on disseminating video content to attain virality. The sheer number of videos online is virtually uncountable, so it is considered quite impressive if a video does go viral. Check out this list of fifteen different types of video content.

1. Tutorials

Tutorial videos are very educational. They show the audience how to correctly engage in a particular activity or achieve a certain goal. Some of the topics content creators focus their tutorials on include makeup, hair, clothing, jewelry, music, video games, cars, and academia.

2. Vlogs

Also known as video blogs, vlogs allow content creators to record what they are doing at specific points in their lives and display it for all the world to see. Some vloggers choose to reveal special moments like weddings and birthdays while others decide to exhibit common, everyday occurrences.

3. Interviews

Interviews give audience members the chance to learn about the personal or professional lives of specific guests. Some interviewers who create this kind of video content will ask their followers or subscribers to submit the questions they would like a guest to answer.

4. Behind-the-Scenes

Behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to showcase company culture. They allow creators to engage in brand storytelling as they describe what goes on behind the scenes of a show or the ins and outs of a workplace.

5. Giveaways

Videos can be used to promote giveaways. Many brands reach out to influencers and ask them to create promotional videos centered around a giveaway; doing this helps companies increase brand awareness. It also increases engagement for creators.

6. Reviews

Reviews give creators the chance to evaluate something. An individual can review books, movies, TV shows, video games, albums, and music videos. He or she can also conduct product reviews and discuss their experience using a specific item.

7. Commentary

Creators who specialize in commentary videos discuss certain topics and provide their opinions on said topics. A large number of commentary videos focus on celebrity gossip, politics, and current events. Some people also make commentary on video games, movies, and TV shows.

8. Reactions

Reaction videos feature creators watching another video and showing their reaction. They may watch interviews, music videos, or shows and talk about how what they witnessed makes them feel. Oftentimes, viewers will submit requests, recommending that a creator watch a specific video.

9. Animations

User-generated animations are extremely popular. Creators may utilize software tools to develop such animations or they may do it entirely by hand. Some of these animations are long-form and consist of a well-told story while others are quite short and comedic in nature.

10. 360-Degree

360-degree videos provide viewers with an immersive experience. They display recordings taken from all directions so that viewers can feel like they are physically present in the location where the video was shot. Many of these videos are recorded in a scenic, outdoor area.

11. Challenges

Challenge videos have become a viral sensation. They consist of creators engaging in activities that others have challenged them to do. Some of these activities may include eating very spicy foods, speaking in various accents, and drawing a picture in a matter of seconds. These videos are a fun way for creators to build relationships with their audience members and with other creators.

12. Music

Music videos usually appear among the most trending list on various social media platforms. Many of the artists in these videos are backed by large record and video production companies. However, some of them are totally independent. Many regular people have produced and directed their own music videos, which have gained a substantial amount of attention.

13. Skits

Skit videos are comprised of short performances. Some of them are designed to make the audience laugh while others are very somber and serious. The actors in these skits typically take a great deal of time to rehearse their scenes before filming begins. 

14. Unboxing

A great number of people like to watch content creators unbox new products. They want to know what a product looks, feels, and even smells like once it is unboxed. Unboxing videos have been shown to influence the buying choices of many viewers. 

15. Webinars

Webinars are seminars that are held virtually. They are educational in nature and can take the form of lectures, presentations, workshops, or meetings. Many businesses use webinars for marketing purposes--to inform the public of new products and services.

Considering its popularity, video content will continue to be pushed out in the years to come. It will be interesting to see the new kinds of videos creators generate in the future.

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