Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Choosing Entertainment for Your Next Party: Band or DJ?

Music makes any event a happier, more festive one. When trying to decide between a DJ or a live band, the band typically makes the better choice. Whether you need entertainment for a birthday, anniversary, or graduation party, or music for a wedding or reception, a live band offers the best option for multiple reasons.

Top Reasons to Choose a Live Band

1. Diversity of musical selections. Regardless of the style of music the band typically plays, musicians know the chords that comprise any song. They carry a songbook with them called a fake book that contains the chords and melody notes plus lyrics of many songs. A DJ has a limited number of CDs or .mp3s they can bring, but as long as you can tell the band the same of the song, they can look it up in their fake book or online, then play it.

2. New England live band musicians add to the atmosphere of the event. Bands liven up the party with dancing plus sing-alongs. A band encourages interaction and helps get your party going.

3. A live band also provides a visually stunning sight for your attendees. They perform when palpable energy, further engaging the wedding audience or reception attendees. Their onstage activity and dancing can break the ice of the partygoers and get them on the dance floor.

4. Live performances of songs provide an emotional connection and energy that you just cannot get from pre-recorded music.

5. Hiring a live band adds a professional touch to your event. It provides the feel of an event from an event planner.

6. Bands specialize in a genre of music and know that genre exceedingly well. A DJ is a generalist who may not have available the music your guests love.

7. Which leads us to requests. Live musicians can take requests and play a song your grandma remembers from her teen years as well as the song you heard on the radio yesterday. You have a much larger musical choice with a band.

8. The costs of hiring a band or a DJ are about the same. The band you could use twice in one day at a wedding, for the ceremony and the reception.

You have so many reasons to hire a live band, so why wait? Start your research now to find the perfect entertainment for your next event.


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