Monday, November 02, 2020

A Guide to Saving Money This Christmas

Christmas can be expensive. The average American reportedly spent $942 on the holiday in 2019 alone, which was an increase from $885 in 2018.

As the festive period is fast-approaching, you will likely be thinking about the gifts you need to buy, decorations to replace, and the different groceries to add to your cabinets.

If the thought alone makes you feel stressed or worried, dont despair. There are various ways to reduce your outgoings and protect your finances. Read this helpful guide to saving money this Christmas.

Make the Most of Big Holiday Sales Weekends

It might be wise to wait for big holiday sales weekends when buying gifts, cookware, or electronics for Christmas. For example, you could significantly slash the cost of a product by shopping during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Labor Day. Make it your mission to tick every gift off your list during a sales weekend, which could take some of the stress out of Christmas.

Use Coupons

Dont spend a penny more than necessary by finding coupon codes to use at a dependable online retailer. For example, if you are looking to buy your son or daughter a PlayStation 5 or need new kitchenware to create a festive feast, you could save money by using eBay coupons  on the popular auction site. As many of the products on the auction site are often available at a lower rate than their original RRP, eBay coupons could make this Christmas much more affordable. 

Recommend Secret Santa

While a big family is a blessing, buying gifts for many loved ones can place great pressure on your finances. If your family is growing by the year and you cant afford to buy every single member an expensive gift, recommend Secret Santa

It works by each family member pulling one loved ones name out of a hat and then buying them a Christmas gift for a pre-determined amount. You also can choose to keep the buyer anonymous, or they could reveal themselves on the day. It is a great way to save money while adding a little fun and excitement to the holiday.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Many people often choose to sell their gift cards online if it doesnt fit their needs, and you can buy them for a reduced price. If you search for discounted gift cards online, you will likely discover multiple websites that will sell gift cards for a smaller amount than their value. For example, you could pay $80 for a $100 gift card, so you can receive an extra $20 to spend at your desired retailer this Christmas.

Share the Cost of a Festive Feast

Dont foot the bill for an expensive Christmas feast. Share the cost by asking your loved ones to bring some items with them, such as wine for the table or desserts for the whole clan. It will take some of the financial pressure off your shoulders while ensuring everyone has a fantastic time.


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