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Prince And His Mother's Crown by Shellice Beharie #smithpublicity #childrensbooks

The Prince and His Mother’s Crown by Shellice Beharie is perfect for today’s social climate. Embraces acceptance and diversity.

"Prince and His Mother's Crown: Tales Within My Mother's Hair" by Shellice Beharie, published by Outskirts Press, 2020.

Prince and His Mother’s Crown: Tales Within My Mother’s Hair, is a whimsical fairytale about a little boy named Prince, who is fascinated with his mother’s magical crown of hair. It is a story that portrays a bond between a graceful mother and a loving son. It is an encouraging book to read and enjoy as it personifies love in a sweet children's story.

The 411:

I love this book so much! As a preschool teacher it is exactly what we have been looking for. My class are 2-3 years old and we often talk about "boys" or "girls" in our child driven conversations. Many of my daytime kids have no preference to "boy" or "girl" toys. The boys will wear princess dresses and play with dolls and the girls will often play with cars or wear superhero caps. It is the perfect age. They see things as toys not Boy Toys or Girl Toys. Many of our teachers love when our kids ask to have their hair put into ponytails and many times the boys ask too and we do it! There was only one parent who was upset that their "boy" had ponytails. He had asked so we did his hair. We now know that we need to remove his ponys before he leaves.

In this book a little boy talks about his mother's hair and how much he loves her hair. Mom's Hair is almost a separate character in the book. I found myself contemplating the fact that many kids see their parents hair as a very large part of them.

Children will love the illustrations of the beautiful mother and her very happy Prince!


SHELLICE BEHARIE, a new up, and coming children’s author was born in Boston, Massachusetts but since then has been well-traveled and lived overseas. Shellice is now settled with her family and charming Seeing Eye Dog in Southern California.

Her career started in the fashion, music and entertainment industry where she owned her own fashion label and showroom. Shellice’s focus changed as events in her life changed. She lost her vision and became blind in 2016, and thus, forged a new path for herself.

Her most recent book, Prince and His Mother’s Crown: Tales Within My Mother’s Hair is dedicated to the memory of her son Nicholas, whom the Lord took home in 2019. Shellice chose to honor his memory with this very special story.

To learn more visit Connect with Shellice Beharie on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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