Friday, May 22, 2020

Maximizing Your Mini Master Bedroom


Not all master bedrooms are luxurious. If you live in an apartment or a townhouse, you might find that your bedroom is more on the cozy end of things. Here are a few tips to make your small bedroom feel comfortable, even luxurious. 

Choose Furniture

Furniture choices mean everything in a large space. Do you really have room for a California King or would a queen be just fine? What about nightstands? Do you really need that massive dresser or can you switch to under-bed storage? There are also implications for the rest of your house. If you have a narrow staircase to maneuver, a foam mattress like a Casper mattress North Charleston SC delivered to your home is easier to get around corners than a traditional spring mattress. 

Decide Layout

Flow and layout is also important. What does your morning routine look like and where do you end up bumping into roadblocks or bed partners? Rearranging the furniture you have to improve the flow in a small space is vitally important. 

Paint and Light

Pay attention to your light sources, especially natural light. Natural light is vital for a healthy sleep schedule, and it can make a space feel larger and more welcoming. Paint can be used to accentuate and enhance that light, making the space feel larger or lighter or cozier, depending on what effect you want to achieve. So when you are planning out your smaller sized bedroom, pay attention to light sources and think carefully about your paint choices as well. 
You may have daydreams about a large, luxurious master bedroom, but a smaller bedroom is no bad thing. It's easier to control the temperature, and if it's decorated correctly it can feel cozy and homely. If you plan for your smaller space, you can maximize its potential and have a truly comfortable and beautiful sleeping space. 

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