Friday, March 20, 2020

The Best Locations for Your Next Family Vacation

Photo by Mohamed Ajufaan on Unsplash

When you think of a family vacation, what are the first images that come into your
head? For some people, dreams of white-sand beaches and lazy palm trees come to
mind, while for others it’ll be cities replete with culture, music and museums. The
wide range of vacations available to families today means that it’s harder than ever
to land on the one you think will be perfect for your family.

As such, here are some locations to scratch your head over, helping you plan the
ideal family vacation in 2020.


With ancient culture blended with some of the most idyllic islands in the world,
Greece has long been a favorite of families across Europe and the world. For the
children, there’s incredible food, wonderful beaches, and exciting play-parks,
waterparks and museums.  For the adults, there’s the opportunity to discover some
of the world’s most ancient monuments, and the wisdom that they contain. Greece
is also a hospitable and family-friendly country – a place you’ll be greeted with
smiles and bread dips as soon as you arrive in your hotel.


For family paradise on the cheap, Bali is perhaps your best option. While flights to
this mesmeric Indonesian island can be expensive, once you’re there you’re
guaranteed to live a life of perfect luxury and relaxation with your family. The island
is a paradise of white beaches, gentle waves, palm trees and beachside cafes and
bars – the perfect place to reflect and relax with your loved ones.

Explore the options in Nusa Lembongan villas in order to discover when sleeping
options will be available to you when you’re staying on the island – many of which
are suitable to larger families and those with small children.


Interested in culture on your family vacation? Then you shouldn’t overlook the
capital of European culture in the present day – Germany’s Berlin. Here, you will be
spoiled for choice when it comes to musical events, cultural works, museums,
galleries, and public performances.

This truly unique city caters to absolutely everyone – and is incredibly safe, too, for
young children. No doubt the city has a dark past, but it’s also moved confidently
into a bright future – one in which the local people are creating a new city, with new
and exciting items of culture, to share with locals and visitors alike.

Costa Rica

Finally, there’s been one specific type of destination missing from this list, and
that’s the wildlife vacation. A firm favorite for thousands of families across the
world, heading out on vacation with the central purpose of being dazzled by animals​
is deeply exciting for your children – and nourishing for the parents, too. There are
dozens of excellent destinations available for families interested in the natural
world, but Costa Rica should be considered one of the foremost amongst them, with
rain forests and cloud forests literally teeming with life – and with excellent tour
options to ensure your family are safe and well catered-for on your trip.

There you have it: four excellent options for your travels with your family in 2020
and beyond.

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