Thursday, December 19, 2019


Record and Share High-Quality Videos Alongside Santa Claus Inside Your Own Home

To Download The App, Click HERE

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 19, 2019) – Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) developer, Immersion VR, in partnership with AI and AR publisher, Charactr, today unveiled brand new, interactive AR mobile app, Santa Was Here, bringing the magic of Christmas home this holiday season. Available now in the U.S. and Europe for iOS, use your iPhone or iPad to record and save exceptional, multi-scenario videos of Santa Claus around the house with the ability to add personalized holiday greetings before sending and/or sharing videos to social media directly from the app. Whether Santa is caught landing his sleigh and reindeer in the backyard, seen dropping presents off under the Christmas tree, or witnessed magically disappearing into the night, Santa Was Here allows users to tap into their creativity and record videos right alongside St. Nick. 

“We’re really excited to bring the magic of Santa Claus to everyone in a tangible way through this amazing app,” said Paul Jastrzebski. “We can’t wait to see the fun Christmas memories you create!”

“After receiving positive feedback from our Apollo’s Moon Shot AR app users, we wanted to create something that would allow for new AR experiences tied to the holiday season,” said Piotr Baczynski, CEO of Immersion VR. “Santa Was Here is a simple tool that can be used to blend reality with the magic of Santa, and has the ability to turn those experiences into unique, personalized postcards.”

Here’s How It Works:
●      Download Santa Was Here from the App Store on your iOS device
●      Find the perfect spot in your home for the Santa model and chosen scenario. Using “Night Mode Filter,” you can record the desired scenario in the day time or with the lights on, then run the recording through the app’s filter to transform the video to appear as though it happened at night
●       When prompted, grant the app access to your phone’s camera and microphone
●      Choose the right angle and start recording
●      Edit and save your videos in the app’s gallery
●      Add a season’s greeting or holiday message before sending and/or posting to social media channels direct from the app

Published by Charactr ( and developed by Immersion VR (, Santa Was Here is now available in the app store for iOS users in the U.S. and Europe and is free to download. Select premium features are available for purchase. For FAQ and additional information, visit

Share your best videos with Santa Was Here on Instagram by tagging @SantaWasHereApp and using the hashtag #santawashere.

About Santa Was Here
Developed by Charactr and Immersion VR, Santa Was Here allows users to bring the magic of Santa Claus to life using Augmented Reality right on their iPhone or iPad. Record amazing videos of Santa Claus dropping off presents under the Christmas tree, or landing with his sleigh and reindeer in the backyard. Videos can be downloaded as well as shared on social channels directly from the app.


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