Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Frankie's Scared Of Everything by Mathew Franklin - BOOK GIVEAWAY Ends 10/21

About the Book: You would be scared too if your own brain was out to get you!

The world can be a dark place. More and more we find ourselves and our children feeling overwhelmed by the unknown and the pressures of society. This book helps instill early on the fact that our fears can be our greatest strengths.

Follow Frankie as their imagination runs wild creating robots, beasts, sea creatures, and even a mole man on this technicolor adventure.

Being afraid has never looked so fun.

About the author/illustrator: Mathew Franklin is a tattoo artist, painter, graphic designer, and musician. After receiving degrees in painting and photography from Miami University he immediately became a staple in the art scene in Columbus, Ohio where he currently resides.

The 411: 

Frankie's Scared of Everything is about a little boy named Frankie whose bedtime has become a horrifying time of the day for him. He hears all kinds of noises that are just every day sounds but in his mind are produced by scary creatures. Thankfully his mommy is there to make everything better and show him that all the sounds are just his imagination.

My kids like many were always asking what something was when they heard a sound at night. It is scary when you can't decipher what something is in the night. I think kids will love the illustrations. The dark pages and colorful day-glo, creepy creatures will help them see that they are not alone. That everything looks different at night but the sounds have a logical explanation.

What I loved most about the book:

Frankie's monsters aren't scary even in Frankie's imagination. They are big and take up the page along with the HUGE text for said monster.

Mom is there to save the day! It's what mom's do!

The illustrations are wonderful. Frankie is obviously tired with his dark circles and the monsters are far from frightening. Perfect for little ones because who would want to read a bedtime story that will creep out your little one!?

Perfect story for Halloween or anytime!

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  1. I like that the story isn't really scary :) This would make a great Halloween gift for the kids.

  2. book sounds great thanks

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  3. I would love this book for my son. I think he would like this.

  4. This looks like a great book! I love sharing new ones with my kids.

  5. Happy Halloween!!

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    looks like a fun one

  7. This looks like a cute book that I can read to my kids.

  8. Looks like a fun book


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