Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Finding the Right Producer for Your Movie


You may have a dynamite script on your hands, but whether you’re a screenwriter, director or other film industry figure, you’ll likely need great producers to get your film off the ground. If you’re shopping around for producers but are perhaps unsure of who to pick or what to look for, these tips may help you search through a more sharpened lens.

Research Your Candidates

To make sure you pick the right producers for your project, try learning as much as you can about them, including the kind of films they make. Many of them have filmographies readily available on sites for free, like the Internet Movie Database, and producers like Alan Parker and Heather Parry have their own web sites detailing their career. Also read news articles and information about them from legitimate web sites to get a feel for their reputation.

Subscribe to a [Legitimate] Entertainment Database

If you’re wary about the information you’ve found for free online, go a step further and purchase a membership on sites like IMDbPro and Studio System. Not only do they have the resumes of several people in the entertainment industry, it also has their contact information, which is key once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential producers.

Know What You Want (and What They Want)

When getting in touch with a producer, don’t say yes unless you’re absolutely clear on each of you expects out of the deal. Do you want your producers to secure your financing? How about getting you a coveted IMDb writer’s credit, which not only ensures your film will get made, but also guarantees it a spot in a few festivals? Make a list of your needs and create a similar one with your producer’s desires. Also know exactly how you want your film to look, and compare it to specific films while talking to producers so they know what you’re looking for.
Finding the right producers doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Use this guide as a roadmap for bringing your film to life.

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