Thursday, September 19, 2019

What To Do If an Injury Interrupts Your Wedding Plans

If there’s anything that’s more stressful than planning a wedding, it’s planning a wedding with an injury. Worrying about whether you’ll be able to make it down the aisle or pose for photos can put you and your family through an enormous amount of pressure. However, don’t approach your big day with the feeling that all is lost. Your big day might not have to be moved, and if it does, there are still steps you can take.

You may not have to move your wedding – but you may need to make some adjustments. If you absolutely cannot afford to move your wedding, then don’t panic. For example, if your first dance was set to be an energetic, choreographed affair, then you may need to adapt the dance routine you had planned. Your injury may interrupt the original plan for the day, but it doesn’t have to cramp your style.

Contact your wedding photographer
Chances are if you’re worried about one aspect, in particular, it’s the wedding photographs. For example, if you have a cast or other required support you may be worried about how this will look in the final pictures. However, the best and easiest way to do this is to reach out to your wedding photographer in advance. A good wedding photographer will be eager to help you achieve the pictures of your dreams, and plan out some helpful poses.

If you have some pretty nasty bruises on display, then this isn’t just the photographer’s job to cover up with some post-production. If you don’t want a big purple bruise to show through your eyelash-lace sleeves or to appear if your legs are on show, then contact a decent makeup artist. An experienced makeup artist will know about the rules of color-cancellation and how to mask a deep bruise. 

What if I have to move the wedding date?
If the accident occurred at work and wasn’t your fault, and you have to make an expensive adjustment to your wedding date, consider legal action. You will be shelling out for something that could easily have been avoided, which isn’t fair on you or your partner. Visiting should help you to get a sense of what you are entitled to when it comes to seeking out legal action. 

Of course, you will want to do everything you can to avoid cancelling if you have to. If you are not physically fit enough to get married, then don’t push yourself; the wedding can wait. If you think you might be up to it, then just adjust the schedule. You may not have to move the entire day, but you can certainly adjust the timings. If you need to take half an hour to prepare for walking down the aisle, then factor this in – no one will mind.

If you’re worried about your injury interrupting your big day, then start planning as soon as you can. Sorting out some changes to the process of the day might be all you need to adjust to your injuries. However, if you need to cancel, there are some formal steps you can take to ensure you get your money back on big expenditures.

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