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Sex, Teens, & Everything in Between Is A Book Every Parent Needs To Read

Shafia Zaloom, a veteran health educator, complies her decades of experience in her new book, Sex, Teens, & Everything in Between, the first complete sexual consent guide for parents and teens.

Sex, Teens, & Everything in Between is filled with practical tips and important information teens and parents need to know when it comes to giving and asking for consent. Parents want to know how to keep their kids safe and Zaloom provides a step-by-step guide, conversation starters, examples, and straightforward answers to the questions teens ask about sex.

  • Yes Means Yes: What We Mean When We Talk About Consent
  • Sexual Harassment and Assault: Your and Your Child’s Rights
  • How to Teach Consent—and Keep it Sexy
  • Love, Pleasure, and Good Sex​​​​​​​
  • Bystander Invention: Sexual Harassment and Assault

Shafia Zaloom is a health educator and consultant whose work centers on human development, community building, ethics, and social justice. Her approach involves creating opportunities for students and teachers to discuss the complexities of teen culture and decision-making with straightforward, open, and honest dialogue. In her twenty-five-year career, Zaloom has worked with thousands of children and their families in her role as teacher, coach, administrator, board member, and certified outdoor educator. Zaloom is currently the health teacher at the Urban School in San Francisco, and she develops curricula and trainings for schools across the country. Her work has been featured in the New York TimesUSA Today, NPR, and PBS. She lives in California with her husband and three children.


Sex, Teens, & Everything in Between is a must read for the parent, caregiver, and educator who would like to understand the teen universe of all things sex, and pro-actively and thoughtfully engage with their teens around these challenging topics.” —Debra Wilson, President of the Southern Association of Independent Schools, former General Counsel of the National Association of Independent Schools

"Sex, Teens, & Everything in Between is the ultimate relationship. Shafia provides readers the fuel to make the consent conversation clear, relevant and applicable for everyone, acknowledging the interconnected factors of social media, normalized hookup culture, Internet porn and gender norms." —Cindy Pierce, author of Sexploitation: Helping Kids Develop Healthy Sexuality in a Porn-Driven World

"Sex Educator Shafia Zaloom has written an utterly remarkable book.” —Deborah M. Roffman, author of Talk to Me First: Everything You Need to Know to Become Your Kids' Go-To Person about Sex 

"Sex, Teens, & Everything in Between gives you the information you need and really must have to navigate this tricky terrain--for you and your child." —Rosalind Wiseman, New York Times best-selling author, Queen Bees and WannabeesMasterminds and Wingmen; and Owning Up

“Zaloom has a fine moral compass, a capacity to listen deeply and the wisdom that only comes from many years of experience working with teens. Every teen and every parent and educator—and every other adult who interacts with teens—should read this book.” —Richard Weissbourd, Senior Lecturer on Education, Faculty Director Human Development and Psychology, Co-Director Making Caring Common Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Author of The Parents We Mean to Be

The 411:
This is one of those books I will be recommending for a very long time. It is "real talk" about the things your teens will need to navigate as they get older. 
As the mother of a daughter I want to make sure she has the tools she needs to say no when she means no, know her rights as a woman and a human being, never be coerced into doing something she isn't comfortable doing, know  how to be safe and take care of herself. As the mother of a son I want the same but I also want him to know there are rules, he can get in trouble if someone says he was forceful or doesn't stop when he is told to stop. I want him to know that there are boundaries and he needs to follow them as well as be respectful and honest with others and himself. 
What I love about the book is that the "real talk" forces you to see that your child is growing up and while we may not think they are thinking these thoughts, they probably are. I appreciate the sample situations, the questions and answers and how current it is with terminology and technology. Sending nudes, smartphone recordings, "hooking up" and more. 
Opening up the dialogue with my kids for our morning drive to school is just a little easier. The conversation isn't easier but I definitely feel more in control and empowered to answer their questions and bring up uncomfortable situations. Talking to your children about sex is so important.
This should be read by every parent. Underline, highlight and re-read it when you need to. There is a ton of information and you don't want to forget any of it.
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