Saturday, September 21, 2019

Get Ready For Sweater Weather With A Hot Cocoa #Giveaway - Ends 10/20

Are you guys ready? This is the last weekend of summer and my daughter has already started pulling our sweaters out of storage bins. We love sweater weather and everything that comes with the chiller temps like hay rides, pumpkin patches, bonfires, S'mores, Halloween, the changing leaves and hot cocoa.  We have been drinking our Charleston Chew Vanilla Hot Cocoa which is still in giveaway mode here but this morning with temps being in the 40s when we woke we cracked open the Charleston Chew Chocolate K-Cups. We were very pleased with the chocolatey goodness and cannot wait to share this with friends. We are even thinking about doing an Adult Trick or Treat bin next to the kids candy bowl with Charleston Chew Vanilla and Chocolate K-Cups for the parents who come up to our door.

If you don't know what Charleston Chews are I can fill you in. Back in the day these were larger than most candy bars that were a type of marshmallow nougat inside with a chocolate coating outside. I never had a chocolate marshmallow inside but I would have definitely chose those as a child over vanilla. I can't go wrong with more chocolate am I right?! In the summer my family would put our Charleston Chews in the freezer. I think we had seen it in a commercial or something. I remember it wasn't easy to bite through and I always thought I was going to chip a tooth.
Coulnd't find a commmercial about freezing our Charleston's but I found this one that I remember.

If you like hot cocoa and the sweet taste of added marshmallow this is for you. Enter for a box of your very own.

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 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.


  1. I add Fluff to my hot cocoa!

  2. I like mine plain and with whipped cream once in awhile.

  3. I don't usually add anything to my hot chocolate.

  4. I always put mini marshmallows in my hot chocolate.

  5. I love it just as it is sounds good right now

  6. Cindy Merrill4:38 PM

    Yes I do! I add a touch of almond milk cream to my hot cocoa.

  7. no I add nothing to my hot cocoa

    tiramisu392 (at)

  8. I add a splash of cream to my hot chocolate.

  9. I sometimes add whip cream.

  10. I usually don't add anything.. If I do it is because I think i deserve some whip cream or marshmallows... YOu know when you've had a rough day!


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