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In the newest film in the series, THE SWAN PRINCESS: KINGDOM OF MUSIC, our favorite princesses are back in an all new feature-length musical adventure. Princess Odette is hosting a music competition to celebrate Princess Alise’s birthday – the winner will sing at her grand birthday ball! Prince Li of Cathay has entered, but his sister Princess Mei Li has stowed away on his ship to seek help from Odette and Derek for Chen, who has been cursed to live as a dragon. Lucas and Alise are reunited but Prince Li’s arrival makes Alise doubt her feelings. While Li and Lucas fight for Alise’s heart, Derek and Odette try to help Mei Li and Chen break the curse. Who will win the music festival and will Chen ever be free from his curse?

Can you believe this is the 9th installment of The Swan Princess? Based on Swan Lake the original movie came out in 1994 and while my daughter hasn't seen any of them (why is that? I cannot believe I never rented them when she was younger).

She kept telling me that the characters reminded her of her SIM game and asked if I felt this was a kids movie. Princess Alise really likes Lucas but she also is falling for for Prince Li. She is confused teenager coming of age and this is normal for teens. My 14 year old refuses to grow up and couldn't understand why she wanted either of them when her life was perfect without complications of romance. LOL...teenagers. I told her that it is a family friendly movie. She gets uncomfortable around PDA.

She did love Chen living as a dragon. She has a dragon thing. We loved the music competition and honestly there are some songs I will not be able to get out of my head. 

The movie has a wonderful message of honor, sacrifice, love, and friendship.

Personally I loved the storyline of Princess Alise's Coming Of Age Party coupled with the sacrifice of true love and hello the American Idol style music competition was wonderful. As The Swan Princess says Music is Life. I couldn't agree more.

Besides the storyline being incredible the aerial shots of the Empire were stunning. I am a huge fan of animated films and the details were incredible.

You and your family will love this movie and I cannot wait to sit down and binge watch all of the movies with my girl!


I know some kids have already returned to school but in my area we still have another few weeks. Here are some wonderful activities to do with your kids based on this movie.

This year is the 25th Anniversary of The Swan Princess. To pre-order the 25th Edition coming out in October, order now.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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