Tuesday, August 13, 2019

4 Ideal Ways for Moms to Relax

Relaxation is a word that is likely alien to moms all over the world. On a never-ending to-do-list, you can find that relaxation falls all the way to the bottom. You often have to make a conscious effort to take time out for yourself and relax, especially if it’s something you haven’t become accustomed to. Some moms have no clue what to do when they finally are able to get a few free moments. It’s either they end up getting lost in chores or doing everything but kicking back and relaxing. Below, you’ll find four ways that you can relax as a busy mom.


Relaxation doesn’t always have to require doing something. Don’t feel guilty about taking a nap or sleeping in when you have time to relax uninterrupted. Don’t forget that there are multiple benefits of sleep and it would do your body, as well as mind, good.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy
One benefit of sleep is that it helps keep your heart healthy. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to increased blood pressure and cholesterol which could trigger strokes or heart disease.

Reduces Stress
When you don’t get enough sleep, your body can go into a state of stress. In turn, this could cause the production of more stress hormones and high blood pressure. However, sleep can help keep the stress away which is what most moms would love.

Read a Book

Reading can seem like a long-lost love when you become a parent. You may not have the time or concentration to read. Exhaustion could also mean you’re falling asleep after reading a few words. Reading can help distract your mind from stress and also make you feel more relaxed. If you like novels, then try reading An Anonymous Girl. Another good read for 2019 is The Water Cure. You could also vape while you read and choose from different flavors which you’ll find on Ultimate Juice.

Have a Bath

Something as simple as taking a bath could go a long way when you want to relax. This isn’t the same as the shower you have when you’re in a hurry to get the kids to school. The right bath can help your body feel relaxed and also boost your chances of a good night’s sleep. Here are top tips for giving yourself a spa-like bath.

Set the Mood
You can create an ambiance for your bubble bath by playing music and using the right lighting. Think about songs that make you feel calm and evoke positive emotions. There is music that is specifically designed to be soothing, such as ones that are around 90 beats per minute or less.

Choose Soaking Ingredients
For a true spa experience, you need the right soaking ingredients. Two common examples are bath bombs or bath salts. Choose something with a nice fragrance, that will ease your muscles as well as release any tension you’re experiencing. You could also be inventive and create a homemade bubble bath from water, castile soap, glycerin, and essential oils.

Have a Girls Night

Spending time with a close friend can be a good change after spending most of your days with the little ones. Arrange a girls night over dinner at a restaurant or at home. This is a chance to catch up and let your hair down without the little ones.

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