Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Why You Should Consider Switching Your Contacts for Glasses More Often

Contact lenses are a great way to correct your vision without having to worry about wearing glasses, and they can be great when you don't want to include glasses in your look for the day or when you are doing something that is inconvenient with your glasses on, like some kinds of sport. However, if you wear contact lenses all of the time, you may find that it can be nice to take breaks from them sometimes and wear glasses instead.

Here are some of the reasons to consider wearing your eyeglasses more regularly:

Save Time!

Whatever type of lenses you use, even if you have disposables and don't need to worry about cleaning them, there is a time overhead to putting in lenses and taking them out every day that can be a real annoyance when you are in a hurry. Wearing glasses is faster, unless of course you are in the habit of misplacing them! You can make your routine of getting ready for work a lot simpler - even when you are tired and bleary eyed - by going for the glasses, and you won't have to worry about taking out lenses after a night out, either.

A New Look

Glasses aren't just practical, they can also be a cool fashion accessory. If you choose some stylish designer frames or some sporty Nike glasses, you can add a new accessory to your rotation that can update how you look. If people are used to seeing you wearing your contact lenses, then wearing glasses may make them take notice of the difference, and so you may find you get a lot of compliments! Although nobody really knows why, given having eyesight that needs correction shouldn't really have any effect on intelligence, studies have shown that people do perceive those who are wearing glasses as smarter, more serious and more professional, so it could be a good look for work. Equally, some people find glasses really attractive, so you may also want to try out your new look on a date!

Give Your Eyes a Break

Having contacts sitting on your eyes can lead to dryness and irritation, and it is generally a good idea to leave them out from time to time so that your eyes can have a break. When you wear glasses, it is a lot gentler for your eyes, and you are also protecting them from the drying effects of things like wind and fans indoors. Making it a regular thing to wear glasses sometimes can give you better overall eye health, and also be a good idea if you are prone to dry eyes or infections. As well as taking breaks from lenses, you should also do what you can to take care of your eye health by using good eye drops to keep them hydrated, and using an eye bath sometimes.

As you can see, it can be both healthy and fun to wear glasses instead of your usual contact lenses from time to time, especially if you invest in some glasses that you really like the style of. Why not consider looking out for some stylish new frames now!

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