Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Storing Your Things In a Storage Unit

You are moving to a smaller space for a while or you realize you have too much stuff. It may be time to rent a storage garage to keep your things. There are many options out there so where do you start and how do you prepare your belongings to me kept away? Here are a few options when preparing for this sort of move.

Choose the Right Place

The first place to start is to find the right facility to house your items. There are many places that offer this service from moving and storage companies tampa fl to independent owners. Take care that whoever you choose is reputable with great references from their customers. One that takes extra measures for security, like a keypad gate around it, it advisable also. Spending a little extra on a place that ensures that they will keep your belongings safe is worth it.

Add Coverage To Your Things

Before you pack a box, call your insurance agent and see if your renters or homeowners’ policy will cover your belongings in a unit. If it does not, you will want to take out insurance to protect it. Although they will most likely be safe, it is always good to have coverage.

Layer Of Protection

Once you have the keys to your garage, gather a few wood pallets to lay on the floor. Setting your boxes on these will keep vermin from making a home out of them. It will also provide a sturdy structure for you to organize on and shield your possessions from any sort of structural change that might affect the concrete floor underneath. Purchase a heavy duty padlock to secure your door that will be difficult to snip open.

Time To Pack

Now that the unit is ready, you can start to pack. You will want to identify the items going into storage so you will know what size of boxes to get and how many you will need. Limit the size of boxes you get so it will be easier to organize them. Instead of plastic bubble wrap or packing peanuts, try to use towels or blankets to protect your fragile items. If you do this, you can stow away two items at once. Be certain to label everything clearly so you know where it goes when you unpack the unit. If you plan to store appliances, make sure they are drained and dry to keep them from molding while in the garage.

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