Saturday, July 27, 2019

How to Clear Away the Old to Make Way for the New

There is a strong belief in some circles that in order to let in new positive things in your life, it’s necessary to create space for them to arrive. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Certainly, it makes it hard to think or plan for the future when your life is jumbled up.

In this article, we discuss how to clear away the old to find space for newer, better things to emerge. This might require a short burst of effort or even discomfort to complete the activity but ultimately, it’s very cleansing.

Declutter the Right Way

We’ve written about using storage spaces recently. This is often a solution for many families who have too much clutter. When the garage is so filled up that the vehicles cannot even fit in there now, and the spare bedroom is no longer spare space at all, then a storage rental is next!

However, when you want to start afresh or at least clear things out, pushing them to one side by hiding them in the garage or a storage unit is like moving deck chairs on the Titanic.

It’s hard to think when clutter is everywhere. The mind cannot get free of its burdens that way. Embrace minimalism for a while. That means looking with a stern eye towards everything that fills up each room and then deciding whether you really need it any longer.

Sell, Donate or Give Away What You No Longer Need

That knickknack that you just couldn’t do without or the chair that’s broken but you love it and plan to get it repaired “someday” is holding you back.

It’s time to either sell, donate to a charity store or use to give the items away. You’d be amazed at what someone can do with a chair with part of the back missing. Woodworking fans, for instance, will relish the chance to repair it and get another piece of inexpensive furniture; and you get to clear out more from your garage.

Don’t Let Affordability Hold You Back

If you won’t get rid of the old because buying new things doesn’t seem affordable right now, think again. Rather than waiting until you’ve saved up enough money over the course of a year to pay for it, consider getting a loan so you can make progress now.

Click here for details about the kind of loans that you can get. They are three-figure or low four-figure amounts usually borrowed over 1-12 months only. This helps you address a life that’s stalled and get it moving again by making positive changes now.

Review Your Friendships, Associates and Relationship

Are you holding onto old friendships that have long since run their course? Are you really friends anymore, or should you just let that friendship drift off completely?

Accepting when something is over – be it a relationship, friendship or strong business contact – is healthy and freeing. It gives you back the mental energy and time to put into friendships and relationships that are feeding your soul.

It’s important to take a holistic view of your life when clearing out the clutter in every way. By doing so, it makes it possible to get a renewed sense of focus and peace.

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