Friday, March 08, 2019

Important Golf Course Policies to Know

For many players, teeing off on a Palm Springs golf course, with gorgeous mountain backdrops, represents the dream of a lifetime. In order to best enjoy your outing, make sure that you blend in well with the other players and practice proper etiquette. Research the course policies online ahead of time for some helpful information.

Dress Code Policies

Some golf courses will not allow jeans. Typical golf attire codes mandate that men wear collared shirts. Low-cut shirts, t-shirts, and bikinis are usually not allowed. Golf courses want to maintain a traditional family atmosphere free of offensive clothing. Check the dress code of the course in advance of your visit.

Tee Time Policies

When reserving your tee time, make sure you understand the course policies on lateness and rescheduling. Often, courses expect all members of your party to be ready to tee off at the first hole at the stated time. Therefore, you will need to arrive at the golf course far enough in advance to check in, change clothing, visit the restroom, rent a cart, and carry all of your gear to the first hole.

Golf Cart Policies 

Golf carts can damage fairways. For this reason, golf courses vary in their policies about whether carts may be driven on to the fairway. In general, it is good etiquette to minimize your driving on the grass. Some courses will restrict carts to the cart path only; other courses will have a "90-degree rule" which states that you must stay on the cart path until you are in line with your ball's location. At this point, you can make a 90-degree turn and drive up to your ball.

To limit surprises on golf game day, research ahead of time the course policies on dress code, tee times, and golf cart driving. You will be better prepared to meet others' expectations and enjoy your visit.

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