Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Things Your Kids Could Teach You About Your Company's Online Presence

When it comes to business advice, your kids are probably the last people you'd ask for help. 
They’re children, for goodness sake. You may be able to (sort of) help with their maths homework,
but that’s where the crossover ends. Kids and business? Give it a rest.

Sadly, when it comes to your online presence, you may have to swallow those words. After all,
 youngsters know more about tech than any generation. There are three-year-olds playing computer
 games now, didn’t you know? And, guess what? Your young children probably know a thing or two
about the internet that you never could.

Do they hold the key to online company success? No one knows. But, they could teach you a good
 few lessons to take you further. Don't panic; we aren't going to make a prominent business
 entrepreneur like you ask your seven-year-old son for advice. Instead, we’ll give you a rundown
 of what he would tell you if he could.

You’re no one without a web presence

If you aren’t already online, you’re no one, Dad. It’s harsh, but it’s true. Most customers now
 make their first contact with companies online. Hence why a website is a prerequisite if you’re to 
stand any chance at success. Make sure, then, not to let lack of tech knowledge stop you from getting 
started. Your son could probably code that site for you. Failing that, you could turn to a trendy
 digital marketing agency like Forefront Web who can take care of design and marketing. Your 
primary focus should be on a stylish site which offers both the necessary info and the chance to 
shop online. Go on; make a site your kids would be proud of.

Anyone who’s anyone is on the right side of Google

We’ve had LOL, YOLO, and FOMO in recent years. Now, we have SEO. The plain fact of it is, Google
 rules this web-based playground. You’ll never be popular if you don’t get on its right side. You should,
 therefore, use SEO in everything you do online. Search engine optimization ensures Google backs
 your content and ranks you high in their results. Get this wrong, and you’ll struggle to pull any traffic 
to your site. Get it right, and Google will back you as their second-hand man, thus ensuring your
 milkshake brings all the customers to your yard.

Social media is more than status updates

You may not be a youngster anymore, but you’re bright enough to know about the 140 character 
Twitter feed. Doesn’t everybody? Heck, you can pull a winning Tweet from your mind at a moment’s
 notice by now. We’re sorry to break it to you, Dad, but you’re STILL behind the bandwagon. While 
Twitter is an undeniably crucial business tool even now, it’s only the beginning. Now, companies need
 an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account, and a YouTube channel from which they can live stream 
at any time. The plain fact is, social media has moved onto more immediate and visual mediums.
 Have you?

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