Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Teaching your Kids about Being Responsible Pet Parents

Your kids may come up to you and mention that they want a dog, cat, pig or maybe even a horse. It is important for them to visit care centers for these animals such as animal shelters, farms and stables. This can help teach them what it takes to properly care for the type of pet they want, and how to be a responsible pet parent.

Taking Care of Typical House Pets

A typical house pet may be something like a dog, cat, fish, hamster or gerbil. These pets are rather easy to care for, but they still require attention and love. There are books, guides and videos available to help teach your children how to properly take care of their specific type of pet – right down to the breed.

Kids may not know much about making such a big commitment, but it is a good idea to have this discussion with them. Choosing to be a pet parent can be quite similar to being a parent to a human. Explain to them how hard it can be to juggle life while being responsible for another life. Make sure they know that pets need love, attention and proper care to stay healthy and happy – just like they do, and to achieve this – it requires time and commitment.

Responsibilities for Livestock Pets

If your child wants a different kind of pet like a goat, horse or pig the discussion is likely to be a little different. Caring for livestock pets is much different than a house pet. Of course, the pet will need to be fed, groomed and exercised daily, but it also needs love and genuine attention.

Animals can get sick, and your child has to think about how he or she will take care of that pet if an illness does occur. If your child wants a horse or pony, it would be ideal to sit down with them and show them different types ofhorse medical insurance. Ask how they will pay for it because that is part of the responsibility of being a pet parent – making sure that pet has proper medical coverage.

Closing Thoughts

After your kids hear about how difficult it can be to raise a pet, they may decide that they aren’t ready. Offer an opportunity to foster a pet or go to a pet camp, if they are available in your area, so that they can see how much work it is to take care of a pet. Some kids may decide to wait while others may really be ready for the responsibility.

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