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Thunder Bay Press Journaling, Art, Creative Book Giveaway

I love books but especially those that are about me! Recently a month ago I got into Journaling after thinking about it for a year. I would watch a ton of You Tube videos and pin a bunch of  things on Pinterest about Journaling but didn't want to jump onto something that I might not stick with. The end of July I purchased my first items for journaling.  It was just a calendar book and some stickers but I was hooked and use it every day so I was thrilled to be able to review these book published by Thunder Bay Press.


Handwriting meets art in this guide to adding a touch of flair each time you put pen to paper.
Add your own creative flourishes to any handwritten note, sign, or piece of art by using the techniques in Hand Lettering. This kit includes a 64-page project book with suggestions and examples of how you can put a little flair into any written word. How-to sections provide useful information on font selection, must-have supplies, and practice techniques. Get your creative gears spinning, and you’ll soon master your own unique style of lettering!

I love this book because I love when I watch Journal experts and they have gorgeous handwriting and their layouts look so put together. Their ability to write with flair adds to the journal, card, or whatever they are creating. Unfortunately my writing abilities are well...not abilities. The HandLettering Art Set Project Book comes packaged with everything you need to get started. I haven't started yet but hope to very soon. The set comes with a book that will hopefully help me learn how to write in a creative manner even if all I write is Laundry!


Create a journal in your own style with stickers, tape, and lots of color.

Capture your mood or record your thoughts in any way you like with the Creative Journaling Set! This fun kit comes with a 112-page journal and a 48-page project book full of ideas for decorating the journal pages. With the enclosed stickers, washi tape, colored pencils, and pen, journaling becomes a creative and rewarding activity rather than a chore. The journal can be used as a diary, a daily planner, an organizer, or anything else your imagination can produce!

This is such a fun set. It contains everything you need to start a journal or organizer for your daily life. The perfect starter kit. 


Express your faith and devotion through creativity with this colorful journaling kit

The Scripture Journaling Set contains everything you need to celebrate your faith with creativity on a daily basis. The kit includes a 112-page journal and a 48-page project book full of ideas for decorating the journal pages, along with stickers, washi tape, colored pencils, and a felt-tip pen. With all these items at your disposal, expressing your devotion becomes a fun and rewarding activity, and one that can be used for self-reflection throughout your life. Whether you use the journal as a diary, a daily planner, or a creative outlet for your thoughts, the act of putting words and color to paper is one that is sure to inspire.

Just like the creative journal set this scripture set is perfect for those who want to add a little devotion in their lives but it can also be set up as a gratitude journal or whatever you prefer. Great gift set.


Create masterpieces to display with the 8 gel pens provided in this amazing kit!

Design intricate patterns, embellishments, decorations, and more with the eight amazing gel pens contained in this kit! The pictures will jump off the page with the vivid gel pen colors. With instructional hints to make your designs uniquely you and plenty of pages waiting for a creative touch, this kit is a wonderful gift for artists of all kinds. With tear-out pages so you can display your masterpieces when you’re finished, this kit has everything you need to become the next gel pen Picasso!


This is a gorgeous coloring set with 8 gel pens and pretty kaleidoscope pages to color. Even the box is pretty!

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  1. I am most excited about the book HANDLETTERING ART SET & PROJECT BOOK

  2. I am most excited about the Fabulous Gel Pen Coloring Book,this is so lovely and looks like so much fun and relaxing too!

  3. Jennifer Carroll4:23 AM

    I am most excited about the CREATIVE JOURNALING SET

  4. Creative Journaling Book looks like something my little niece would love

  5. I am most excited about the Handlettering Art Set & Project Book as I would love to have some ideas for writing with various beautiful lettering styles. Thank you for the chance to win this set!


    tiramisu392 (at)

  7. I'm most excited about the SCRIPTURE JOURNALING SET. Thanks.

  8. Excited about the hand lettering project book.

  9. most excited about the scripture journalling book!

  10. The kaleidoscope

  11. Daniel M8:18 PM

    hand lettering looks interesting

  12. I'm the most excited about the CREATIVE JOURNALING SET.


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