Children Truly LOVE These Types Of Vacations

So, the last few years you’ve curated some wonderful vacations for the family. Together you have explored the quaint villages of England, the historical and pre-medieval cities of Europe, and have taken pictures around the great cathedrals in Italy. What does all this have in common? Well, it’s quite cultural and intelligent to visit these places.

Now, not for one second are we suggesting that your children are unintelligent or cannot derive enjoyment from these activities. However, it might be that the youth and energy of childhood might be best served elsewhere. After all, while the energy is high and the youth is free-flowing, why not allow the child space to truly burn some of those calories and experience an active adventure? This is akin to allowing them to read a fantasy novel rather than making them read a history textbook. If your children adore the first form of vacation, then that’s absolutely fine and more power to you.

However, that’s not likely to be the statistical majority. You can include these activities in your vacation of course, and it can inform the education of your child. However, be sure to also supplant some of the following activities in the whole experience. You never know, you might also have some truly accidental fun. Relating to your inner child is sometimes just what you need to completely shed that office-related stress you have found all year.


Children are no stranger to challenge. Their entire life thus far has been learning how to behave and socially develop in the world. It has been filled with lessons and learning things as complex, strange yet as basic as the alphabet and basic math. Depending on the age of your child, it might be they have been exposed to even more perplexing tests. Children know challenge, and often they thrive with it. So why not let them experience something new?

Now, of course there’s no need to enter them into anything to strange and difficult. But why not choose a completely new activity this year? Learning how to ski or snowboard for the first time can be an extremely useful experience, particularly if your children haven’t really been too exposed to cold in their lifetime. This can reinforce an early love for this activity, and encourage them to become a regular attendee.

It can also bring a family together to experience something completely new alongside one another. It’s not hard to understand why. When the experience is fresh, you all have stories to tell one another and enjoy. There’s nothing quite like family bonding when you all start from the same level, and you are all equal in status before the competence of the activity in question.

Expect to hear ‘Hey Mom, remember when we both fell over trying to go down the beginner slopes?’ often after the event. These things do generate the funniest stories, after all.


We all love a good adventure. Kids even more so. So why not curate one? Some of the best holidays for kids revolve around a general purpose. This might be fragmented, but it does have that core. For example, it might be that you decide to experience all of the beaches for surfing in a given location, or you attend a business that offers treasure hunts for children. Something which you can all enjoy and look forward to day after day will often make children jump at the chance to leave the accommodation, ready to get the day started.

If you’re just on vacation to check out a number of locations, try and share why you're interested in this with your children. Plan the route out so it escalates and it comes to a head. For example, if heading on a road trip, enjoying the many side attractions could be themed around a certain perspective.

It might be an aquatic aquarium adventure, or an animal-themed road trip in general. To use this example, it might be that your final destination is something huge, such as a massive zoo you spend a couple of days visiting. This is an interesting way to curate an experience for you and your family, rather than simply ‘going with the flow.’ This will also help you achieve more activity during the entire visit, as it’s quite easy to relax and lay back, wasting the time you have reserved. Of course, you are more than free to run your vacation how you hope to, but this could be a fun and novel way to conduct it this year at least.


Who doesn’t love games? Maybe a better question is - who loves games most of all? If you answered ‘children,’ you are absolutely right. So why not bring games into your vacation, or even make them a fundamental underpinning of the event? We mentioned that adventure often culminates in a large event. If your children are huge fans of soccer, could it be attending a foreign Spanish game could be a wonderful thing for them (and you of course) to experience?

Games can also come through in many other ways. For example, instead of curating a select adventure based on semi-narrative of attractions, why not try a sporting vacation? This might mean signing up for a week of watersports, or even a forest camp with activities all around to enjoy? For example, there are many wilderness camps with huge adventure activities, such as shooting, arts and crafts, and even extreme sports such as abseiling or BMX courses. There are some that have child-friendly action courses, such as those with ziplines and climbing wall lengths.

This can also be a great way to stay active on your vacation, a great way to inhale some fresh air and avoid the temptation of alcohol while you’re there. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

This year of adventure and activity can gift you a truly memorable year. It will also allow you the opportunity to once more visit the countries of culture you hope to attend next year. Have fun!

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