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Ultimate Dream Travel Wish List

Everyone has those times where wishful thinking can take over, and you make all sorts of plans for when you win the lottery or have a huge amount of money. For most people, it’s something along the lines of a huge house, probably in Oxfordshire or somewhere equally upmarket, and a car that costs close to six figures. However, a fancy car and a huge house are low on the list of priorities for those travel-lovers out there who just want to see the world. For you adventure seekers, nothing quite beats the gift of experience. You want to see the world and meet new people, experience things you’ve never experienced before. While many are happy simply backpacking across the world, some crave a little more luxury on their travels. This is a compiled list of some of the no-expense-spared places to visit and the once in a lifetime ways of getting there. Strap in, because you’re about to go on a magical, make-believe journey to some of the biggest travel destinations and sample the best of what they have to offer.

Putting aside your must-visit destinations (or even your must-visit-for-the-tenth-time destinations) for a moment, let’s talk travel. You may see the journey as the annoying bit in between destinations, but there is so much more to it than that. Sometimes the destinations are made all the more enjoyable because of the journey you had getting there. It’s time to use your new-found imaginary wealth to arrive in style.

Trains are a fantastic way to travel. Not only are they reminiscent of a bygone era at times, but when traveling around Europe, they are a great way to get from place to place in the most efficient way. Why waste a whole day traveling to your next destination when you can take the overnight train. Fall asleep in one country, wake up in another. Speaking of bygone eras, why not take a trip on perhaps the most famous train in the world: The Orient Express. There has been a renewed interest in the Orient Express since Kenneth Branagh’s wonderful adaptation of one of Agatha Christie’s most well-known murder-mysteries. The history of the Orient Express is certainly a fascinating one to read, but all you need to know is that it is still running, it is well and truly art-deco in style, and it will cost you around £3000 per passenger for the overnight trip from London to Venice. Everything on board is beautifully luxurious, and the staff are dressed in the traditional uniforms of the 1930’s. It’s a very expensive way to spend around 36 hours, but the experience will be once in a lifetime.

Planes don’t have to be limited to an EasyJet flight at six in the morning. There are plenty of long-haul flights with suitably luxurious options. Some of the most notable offerings coming from airlines who operate out of the United Arab Emirates. However, if it’s the full VIP experience you’re after (of course you are, you just won £30 million from the lottery after all), then you might want to consider something a bit more exclusive, which begs the question: How much does it cost to charter a private jet? The simple answer is: How long is a piece of string? The less sarcastic answer is that it depends entirely on how many passengers you have and what luggage is being taken. But the plus side is a fantastic amount of legroom, comfortable seats and the ability to look like a movie start as you step elegantly from your Gulfstream and over to your chauffeur driven car.

Automobiles can be both luxurious and liberating. You can have a private tour of Rome in an air-conditioned limo, giving you the chance to experience this ancient city in supreme comfort. Top of the list has got to be a chauffeured trip in the famously luxurious Maybach, which would get you from your airport to your hotel is some of the most comfortable chairs to ever grace four wheels. However, if you prefer to do the driving yourself, you could always nip over to the east coast of America, buy yourself a Mustang with a huge V8 under the bonnet and cruise effortlessly across the continent to Santa Fe. There are a huge amount of sights along the way, and you could pass a good month or two zig-zagging through the states to see it all.

Destinations Now that you know how to get to the best places, it’s time to start making a list of all the top places you should head to now that you’re in the money. You will have probably visited these places more than a few times during your travels, but it’s time to see them in a different light.

London may seem a bit dull compared to some of the more upmarket destinations like the Italian Riviera. But don’t be fooled, there’s a lot or exclusive places that you can now gain access to with your millions. To start with, you can book a suite at the world famous Ritz in Piccadilly to be a base for your travels. You can then choose to eat at its restaurant or head over to the Savoy to sample some of Gordon Ramsay’s menu. You could also head to the Ivy which is frequented by the rich and famous, or to Langan’s Brasserie which is part-owned by Sir Michael Caine. After a wonderful meal at any of these world-class restaurants, you could then head to one of the many theaters and see some of the best performances possible to witness today.

Paris, ah Paris! What luxury trip would be complete without Paris. Check in to the Shangri La hotel and have one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower money can buy every single morning. You could even enjoy some champagne and truffles on your balcony as the sun sets and the lights turn on. There are restaurants galore in Paris, and delicious wine and steak can be had for a remarkably small price, but this is a dream list, and Paris is famed for its cuisine. Le Cinq at the Hotel George and Pierre Gagnaire could be your first port of call, as well as Ze Kitchen Galerie. All of which has suitably luxurious interiors and world-renowned chefs. After you’ve slept in satin sheets and sated your appetite with fine food, it’s time to sample some of the culture. Of course, you could choose to spend an evening at the Moulin Rouge and enjoy some of the most spectacular shows in the world with extravagant sets and costumes, or enjoy a champagne tasting cruise on the Seine followed by dinner at the Eiffel Tower. There are some many magnificent places to enjoy some of the best views with the best wine and the best food in the world. It’s a total sensory delight.

Iceland. Sometimes called the land of ice and fire, and the youngest country in the world (geologically) at a mere 16-20 million years old. Due to its location on a continental rift, it is actually growing at a rate of 2 cm per year. However, despite its relatively tender age, it has a lot to offer. You can travel by snowmobile, 4x4 car or even helicopter to view its varied landscape. You can even do a package trip that takes you across Iceland and into Swedish Lapland to stay at the famous Ice Hotel to enjoy the Northern Lights. Iceland is also one of the few places in the world that you can offer joint lava and ice cave tours, which are well worth a look.

The Maldives Islands are known for their picturesque beaches and luxurious but simple accommodation. They lie off the coast of Sri Lanka and are made up of 26 small islands. There are more than a thousand coral islands, so there’s plenty to see should you decide to go snorkeling or scuba diving. Mostly though, it’s a resort based destination where you can take the time to enjoy a few cocktails in a hammock or lounge about in your own private waterfront cabin. Most are situated in the water and face out towards the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. The views at night are tremendous, with a fantastic view of the Milky Way overhead, and the bio-luminescent plankton giving off light in the ocean below, you’ll be glad of the seclusion to enjoy the most wonderful views in the world.


Traveling to all these destinations in the ways mentioned above might be out of reach for most, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put some of them on your bucket list and try your hardest to experience them. There are some truly stunning destinations, journeys, and food to experience in the world, don’t let a slightly heavier price tag hold you back from enjoying all that the world has to offer. With perseverance and a strict budget, you could be traveling to any one of these destinations in a chauffeured car or private jet. Dream big, you never know what the world has in store for you.

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